Clash Royale Party Hut Challenge: Best Decks & Rewards

The Party Hut Challenge is a new event in Clash Royale that promises to bring all-out Goblin mayhem.

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The Party Hut Challenge brings new rewards to Clash Royale. | © Supercell

A brand new event has landed in the Goblin Party season in Clash Royale: the Party Hut Challenge. It will be available between March 13 - 19.

In this event, a new limited-time card, the Party Hut, will be added to the game. It's a 5-Elixir cost Legendary building that has a Dart Goblin perched upon it. The Goblin will shoot from distance in a similar fashion to the X-Bow. When the Party Hut is destroyed, it will spawn a Goblin Brawler and Goblin Gang.

Here's a look at the best decks you can use in the Party Hut Challenge and the rewards you can expect to get.

Clash Royale Party Hut Challenge - Best Decks

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You'll need to include the Party Hut in your deck for this challenge. | © Supercell

For this challenge, it's a must to have the Party Hut in your deck. Lucky for you, it's a mighty strong card with an ability very much worth the 5 Elixir.

Pair it up with one of your favorite Champions or some low-cost cycle cards that can make quick work of Goblins and you've got a challenge-winning deck.

These are the best decks you can use in the Party Hut Challenge:

DeckCardsWin RateAverage Elixir Cost
Monk CycleArchers, Earthquake, Ice Spirit, Mirror, Monk, Party Hut, Skeletons, and The Log79.4%2.7
Golden Knight Bowler CycleArrows, Bowler, Electro Spirit, Golden Knight, Mirror, Party Hut, Skeletons, and The Log


Mighty Miner Poison CycleArchers, Goblins, Ice Spirit, Mighty Miner, Miner, Party Hut, Poison, and The Log77.0%3.0

Knight Log Cycle

Archers, Earthquake, Ice Spirit, Knight, Party Hut, Skeletons, Tesla, and The Log76.7%2.8

Mighty Miner Wall Breaker Poison

Archers, Goblins, Mighty Miner, Miner, Party Hut, Poison, The Log, and Wall Breakers



Clash Royale Party Hut Challenge - Rewards

Rewards Party Hut Challenge
The 'Guitar Fire' emote is available after your eighth win. | © Supercell

The Party Hut Challenge will offer rewards only as far as your eighth match win. For each of these wins, you'll earn prizes such as Gold, Magic Items, and the coveted 'Guitar Fire' emote.

Here are all the rewards in detail:

Number of Wins

14,000 Gold

One (1) Card Boost Potion

33,000 Gold

One (1) Chest Key

52,000 Gold
6One (1) Legendary Trade Token
71,000 Gold
8Guitar Fire Emote

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