Clash Royale September Balance Changes

Supercell has introduced a small list of balance changes in Clash Royale for September 2022. Here's a look at all of them.

Clash Royale Balance Changes September 2022 Supercell
The balance changes for September have arrived in Clash Royale! | © Supercell

Supercell has released its monthly list of balance changes for Clash Royale. The last update in August saw massive changes that affected Champions, troops, and spells. Overall, it drastically reshaped the meta for a better gaming experience.

However, the September balance changes are a sizable difference as the changes it will introduce only affect two cards. It's fair to say that this was more of a mini-update. Regardless of its size, let's go over balance changes.

Clash Royale - Balance Change Release Date

The September balance changes were introduced to Clash Royale in a maintenance break on September 12, 2022. It took place directly after the Clash Fest Retro Royale Challenge ended and before the Duel Challenge began.

These balance changes will not affect any challenge leaderboards in Clash Fest.

Clash Royale - September Balance Changes

Clash Royale September 2022 Balance Changes Supercell Giant Skeleton Mirror
The Giant Skeleton and Mirror received balance changes! | © Supercell

The Giant Skeleton and Mirror were the only two cards to be affected by the September 2022 balance changes in Clash Royale. The Giant Skeleton has been running rampage in the current meta due to its high HP so it has been reduced in this update. Mirror has also been slightly overpowered as it upgrades troops by two levels. The upgrade level has been reduced in the new update because of this.

Here's a complete list of the September balance changes:

Giant Skeleton
  • HP reduced from 2,250 → 2,140 (reduction of 5%)
  • Effect reverted from +2 level for +1 Elixir cost → +1 level for +1 Elixir cost

We don't expect Supercell to release any further balance changes in September as Clash Fest is currently ongoing in Clash Royale. We doubt they'd want to interfere with the leaderboards by introducing more updates.

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