New Champion In Clash Royale: Leaks, Abilities, Design And More

Leaks have surfaced about a new Champion that may soon be coming to Clash Royale. Let's take at all the info released so far, including potential abilities, designs, and more!

A new Champion will be coming to Clash Royale!
A new Champion will be coming to Clash Royale! | © Supercell

Champions are cards in Clash Royale that are unlocked when you reach King Level 14. Once unlocked, they are at Card level 11 and can be upgraded further to level 14. So far, The Golden Knight, the Archer Queen, the Skeleton King, and the Mighty Miner are the four Champions currently in the game.

However, that could change with this latest leak from professional Egyptian esports player, Mohamed Light. Here's all the details about this potentially new Champion in the game.


The new Champion's leaked card!
The new Champion's leaked card! | © Supercell

He's a four-cost Champion that seems to have an electrical theme going on about him judging from the shimmering, blue goggles. Could this have something to do with the Electro Wizard perhaps? Was this Champion a product of one of his wacky spells?

The design and appearance are the only big things that have been leaked so far. So, we can't answer those questions. Not much is known about the inner game mechanics and stats that this Champion could potentially possess so we might have to wait until Supercell finally releases new information.


The new Champion in Clash Royale could look like this!
The new Champion in Clash Royale could look like this! | © Supercell

Champions are equipped with a special ability that can be activated by using Elixir. They're powerful and can change the tide of any battle. From the current Champions in the game, we know these can cost around 1-2 Elixir. With this Champion, his ability will unsurprisingly cost 1 Elixir. As for what it will do:

Ability: mirrors all cards played in the last 10 seconds

This is a powerful ability, especially with Swarm or Aggro decks that play a bunch of low-cost cards to overwhelm their opponents. Mid-range decks would definitely fear this Champion as it would be difficult to counter.

First Impressions

Let's all agree on one thing: he looks extremely similar to The Golden Knight. His appearance closely resembles him and could honestly be one of the dead giveaways that shut this leak down as a fake.

But here's the kicker, Supercell dev Drew commented on a Reddit post about this leak:

hmm. looks like he needs a buff

The Supercell team usually doesn't bat an eye to wild and false claims, but to have a dev leave a sly comment like this leaves much to the imagination.

Regardless, the consensus seems to be simple about this new Champion: 4 Elixir is too expensive and needs to have some sort of spawn damage to be worthwhile. We couldn't agree more with SUpercell Drew about this Champion needing a buff to be viable in decks.

In any case, it looks like we'll be waiting a bit longer before Supercell announces anything. Check out the latest Clash Royale news that Supercell have actually announced below: