COD Mobile: M4 To Get Signature Attachment

The M4 assault rifle is set to get a signature attachment, a grenade-launching underbarrel.

COD mobile M4 signature attachment
The M4 assault rifle is set to get a signature attachment in Season 2. | © Activision Blizzard

The M4, one of the most popular assault rifles in Call of Duty: Mobile, is set to get a signature attachment in Season 2: Heavy Metal.

Signature attachments were introduced at the start of last year, and currently, only a few weapons have them. They are one-of-a-kind attachments, usable only on the gun they are designed for, and in the case of the M4, it will be an underbarrel grenade launcher.

While the developers have yet to officially confirm its arrival, the signature attachment has appeared in promotional material intended for the Chinese localization of the game.

The build playable in China runs a couple of weeks ahead of the global release, so it often gives players advanced notice of what new features are coming to the game.

Signature attachments are added to the game sparingly. As of Season 1, there are only seven, but it looks like we are getting two this season, with the game's newest assault rifle - the Maddox - reportedly also getting one.

Both signature attachments will likely become available, first through an in-game event, then, after Season 2, by completing a challenge specific to the gun, usually killing an 'X' amount of players.

The M4 is consistently one of the most popular guns in the game, and with the addition of some high-explosive rounds, you can be sure this signature attachment will be a common sight in the game's lobbies.

From what we know so far, Season 2 is looking promising. Players can expect these two new signature attachments, a new map called Diesel, and a brand new game mode in which two teams face off in Goliaths.

There will also be a new battle pass and weapon balance changes, so there is plenty to keep a game, now in its fourth year, fresh.

Season 2's expected release is February 22.

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