COD Mobile: All Signature Attachments And How To Unlock

A guide to Call of Duty: Mobile's signature attachments.

COD mobile signature attachment
A guide to Call of Duty: Mobile's signature attachments, including how to unlock them. | © Activision Blizzard

Signature attachments are weapon attachments that appear in Call of Duty: Mobile and are exclusive to a particular weapon.

Making their debut in March 2022 with the Thunderbolt Sling for the HBRa3, these signature attachments are not unlocked by leveling up the guns as is typical for the other attachments in the game, but instead through challenges.

COD Mobile Signature attachments how to unlock
The HBRa3 with the Thunderbolt Sling attached. | © Activision Blizzard

When first released, these signature attachments are unlocked through seasonal challenges, but after their debut season is over, the method of unlocking them switches to more traditional challenges.

Unlocking them is well worth your time, as these signature attachments often alleviate these guns' main weaknesses or give them unique strengths that separate them from the pack.

Below we list all the available attachments, their pros and cons, and how to unlock them.

All COD: MObile Signature Attachments And How To Unlock Them

There are currently five signature attachments in Call of Duty: Mobile.

A sixth is expected to be released in Season 10, with the M16 rumored to be getting an attachment that changes the gun from burst-fire to full-auto.

GunSignature AttachmentRelease DateProsConsHow To Unlock
AK-47GRU Combo Grip (underbarrel)Season 3: Radical Raid (March 2022)
  • −40% ADS bullet spread
  • +20% damage range
  • −25% vertical recoil
  • −10% horizontal recoil
  • Silenced
  • −3% movement speed
  • −20% ADS movement speed
  • +35% ADS time
Achieve 50 headshots with an AK-47

Branson (barrel)

Season 7: New Vision City (August 2022)
  • +15% damage range
  • −12.7% horizontal recoil
  • −14.0% vertical recoil
  • Fires the first two bullets at a higher rate
  • −5% ADS movement speed
  • −8% ADS time
HBRa3Thunderbolt Sling (stock)
  • −25% sprint-to-fire delay
  • −5% horizontal recoil
  • −10% vertical recoil
  • −15% hip fire bullet spread
  • −5% ADS movement speed
  • +8% ADS bullet spread
Use an assault rifle to kill 30 enemies with hip fire to unlock
PharoUnderbarrel Stun GunSeason 9: Zombies Are Back (October 2022)A long-range melee, the Stun Gun replaces the Quick Knife button which allows the player to fire an electric shock at nearby enemies.N/AFun in the Stun seasonal event
RPDCooling Compressor Barrel

Season 5: Tropical Vision (June 2022)

Switches to Overheated Fire Mode

  • +15% damage range
  • −10% vertical recoil
  • −10% hit flinch
  • −3% movement speed
  • +10% ADS bullet spread
Kill 50 enemies at a long-range distance with LMG

We will continue to update this page with more signature attachments as they become available.

Until then, why not check out some of our best COD: Mobile loadouts:

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