How To Unlock The Maevwat Omega-1 Signature Attachment

Complete the challenges in COD: Mobile's Target Acquired event to unlock the DL Q33's new signature attachment.

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The DL Q33 now has a signature attachment. Here is how to unlock it. | © Activision Blizzard

Season 1: Reawakening has launched, introducing a tonne of new content to COD: Mobile, including a brand new signature attachment for the DL Q33 sniper rifle.

Signature attachments are unique to the gun they are meant for and give them bonus effects. For example, the Pharo SMG's signature attachment is a stun gun, a long-range melee that allows players to zap opponents.

Now, it's the turn of the DL Q33 - already a top-tier sniper rifle - reports claim its Maevwat Omega-1 signature attachment makes it even more powerful. Special tipped ammunition, it concusses any opponent it hits but doesn't down.

However, not everyone will have access to the DL Q33's signature attachment - at least not straight away, as it needs to be unlocked.

In Season 1, that means completing challenges that make up the Target Acquired event. After this season, it will be unlocked through more traditional methods, e.g., getting 50 kills with a sniper.

If you want to know how to unlock it, as well as get your hands on some other rewards, check out our guide below.

COD: Mobile Target Acquired - Start/End Time

During Season 1, the only way to get your hands on the Maevwat Omega-1 signature attachment is through the Target Acquired event.

The event has gone live as of the launch of Season 1 (January 18/19) and will be available to complete for what looks like all or the majority of the season, with Target Acquired having an end date of February 22.

That being the case, you have plenty of time to unlock the DL Q33's signature attachment.

Target Acquired - Challenges And Rewards

Now, let's take a look at the challenges, all of which are related to the sniper rifle weapon class.

Kill five enemies with any sniper rifleCredits (200)

Battle pass XP (1000)

Kill ten enemies with any sniper equipped with two attachments[Shard] Minotaur - Maze Keeper (20)

Battle pass XP (1000)

Win one multiplayer match with a sniper rifle equippedFade to Fire (calling card)

Battle pass XP (2000)

Kill five enemies with the DL Q33 sniper rifleXPR-50 - Polished Ruby (weapon blueprint)

Battle pass XP (2000)

Kill 20 enemies with any sniper rifles
Kill one enemy while sliding using any sniper rifle
Maevwat Omega-1

Battle pass XP (2000)

Kill five enemies with the DL Q33 sniper rifle equipped with the signature attachment
Kill three enemies with any sniper rifle using hip fire
Silver crate coupon

Battle pass XP (3000)

As you can see from the challenges and rewards, you will need to complete five challenges to get the Maevwat Omega-1.

Thankfully, it is not the only reward worth going for here. There is an XPR-50 weapon blueprint - which certainly looks the part - and a decent amount of battle pass XP that will help you unlock more rewards.

XPR 50
The XPR-50 - Polished Ruby is also available through the Target Acquired event. | © Activision Blizzard

These challenges must be completed in order, and you can only complete one at a time, so at a minimum, you will need to play six games using a sniper rifle, though you are likely looking at 10-15 games.

Remember, you have all season to complete these challenges, so if you regularly cycle a sniper rifle into your custom loadouts you are likely to complete them with no bother.

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