COD Mobile: Zombies Returns With Shi No Numa Map And 'Infected' Game Mode

Zombies Classic Returns In Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9, and the undead aren't stopping there.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Zombies mode
Zombies are back in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9. | © Activision Blizzard

The Call of Duty: Mobile developers have finally revealed the details of the long-awaited return of the Zombies Classic, with the game mode welcomed back with the launch of Season 9.

Season 9, subtitled 'Zombies Are Back', does exactly what it says on the tin and then some. Not only is the classic round-based Shi No Numa set to return, but there's also the introduction of the Super Attack of the Undead game mode.

The latter game mode is often called 'infected' and sees one player chosen at the start of the game to become a zombie, with their mission then to infect other players. Either the humans survive, or the infected take over.

The developers have not yet stated if either game mode will remain in the game after Season 9, which is set for release on October 12 and also includes the Krig 6 assault rifle and a Halloween-themed battle pass.

Super Attack Of The Undead

Variations of Attack of the Undead have been in COD: Mobile before, last seen in February 2021 with Attack of the Undead 20, which increased the usual player count from 10 to 20.

This new Super version of Attack of the Undead we are getting with Season 9 is more like the mode seen when it was first released back in June 2020, except matches now have no end time, simply going on until the last human or zombie is left alive.

Previously the mode was played on standard multiplayer maps such as Crash, Raid, and Summit, but so far, the developers have not announced which maps will be available this time.

Season 9's new map, Haunted Hacienda, will likely be one, but could leaks suggesting there were more unique zombie maps on the way still prove true?

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies 2022
Haunted Hacienda is the newest multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Mobile. | © Activision Blizzard

Files from the TRNZT map from Black Ops II were uncovered several weeks ago, and it also made a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance in the teaser trailer that confirmed Classic Zombies was to return. So, where is it?

Perhaps there is more we don't know about this spooky season than we do...

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