COD Mobile Season 9: Weapon Balance Changes

A round of weapon balance changes are once again coming to Call of Duty: Mobile in Season 9 (2022), with the CBR4 surprisingly being buffed.

Zombies are back
The weapon balance changes for Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 have leaked. Here they are. | © Activision Blizzard

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 is almost here, and with it reintroducing the Zombies game mode, it is one of the most anticipated yet.

The game mode hasn't been in the game since early 2020, and not a week, a month, or an update has gone by since that players haven't requested its return, and now it is finally happening.

The return of the Zombies game mode isn't the only change to COD: Mobile in Season 9, as a new battle pass will be released, as well as new weapons, with the Krig 6 the most likely candidate.

There will also be weapon balance changes, and thanks to the hard-working team behind LeakersOnDuty, we can have the first look at what these Season 9 weapon balance changes will be.

Once you have taken a look at the weapon balance changes below, why not check out our gun tier lists:

COD: Mobile Season 9 - Weapon Balance Changes

As mentioned before, the details of the Season 9 weapon balance changes come courtesy of LeakersOnDuty, a team of COD: Mobile leakers who regularly manage to get advance notice of the various buffs and nerfs that are coming to COD: Mobile.

In Season 9, the CBR 4 is set for a buff. Yes, you read that right; after two rounds of nerfs to get the game's most powerful SMG reigned in, the developers have decided they have gone too far. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

CBR4 banner
The CBR4 is being BUFFED heading into Season 9. | © Activision Blizzard

Another big winner is the XPR-50 sniper rifle, which has seen its damage output massively increase, even more so when the QWC Stopping Power magazine is attached to it.

There are also a number of assault rifles buffed, including the M16, LK24, and FR-556. The parity of assault rifles has been pretty good recently, and it will be interesting to see what these buffs do to the meta.

There are also a number of changes to scorestreaks, with many of them buffed heading into Season 9. You can check out all the changes below.


A number of weapons across a number of weapon classes are being buffed, alongside Operator perks and items.


  • Damage increased: 30-27-22 to 30-28-24
  • Upper arm multiplier reduced: 1.2x to 1.15x
  • Reduced burst delay: 240ms to 220ms


  • Horizontal recoil reduced by 40%
  • ADS movement speed increased by 3%


  • QWC Stopping Power magazine
    • Vertical recoil penalty reduced: 20% to 10%
    • Horizontal recoil penalty reduced: 15% to 10%
    • ADS time penalty removed
    • Stomach multiplier increased: 1x to 1.1x
    • Headshot multiplier increased: 1.2 to 1.3x


  • ADS time reduced: 0.29s to 0.26s
  • Sprint-to-fire delay reduced: 0.24s to 0.15s
  • Added upper arm multiplier: 1x to 1.1x


  • First damage range increased: 15m to 20m
  • Chest multiplier increased: 1x to 1.2x
  • Headshot multiplier increased: 1.3x to 1.4x


  • Lower arm multiplier increased: 1x to 1.1x
  • Improved movement speed increased by 10%

Holger 26

  • Increased damage: 31-25-21-19 to 31-28-23-19
  • Range increased: 16-20-50m to 18-24-50m
  • Bullet spread accuracy improved by 17%
  • Airdrop Holger will now deal more damage than the regular Holger (BR)


  • Range profile: 28-40m to 32m
  • Bullet spread accuracy improved by 24%
  • Hip-fire accuracy improved by 15%
  • Headshot multiplier increased: 1.1x to 1.4x
  • Decreased the Long Range Barrel ADS movement speed penalty: 30% to 15%


  • Sprint-to-fire delay reduced: 0.24s to 0.23s
  • QWC Stopping Power magazine
    • ADS time penalty reduced: 7% to 4%
    • Fire interval penalty reduced: 15% to 10%


  • New range added: 30m to 8-30m
  • Damage profile adjusted: 90-75 to 91-90-75


  • Damage increased: 55-60 to 80-75
  • Range adjusted: 50m to 35m
  • QWC Stopping Power magazine
    • Removed recoil penalty
    • Added upper and lower arm multipliers: 1x to 1.2x
    • Damage bonus: 85-77

M13 (BR only)

  • First range increased: 15m to 19m

MQ-27 (MP scorestreak)

  • Number of IR projectiles increased: 3 to 4

Hawk X3 (MP scorestreak)

  • Increased damage: 30-23-28 to 36-23-18
  • Range increased: 15-37m to 20-37m

XS1 Goliath (MP scorestreak)

  • Increased damage: 40-30-22 to 40-36-22
  • Improved movement speed

Napalm (MP scorestreak)

  • Reduced score cost: 1190 to 1090


Only two guns, a couple of battle royale classes, and a scorestreak are being nerfed.

MK2 Peacekeeper

  • Decreased ADS movement speed boost from Agile Stock
  • Range reduced: 14-25-40m to 13-21-40m
  • Decreased the Firm Tape flinch reduction


  • First range damage increased: 25 to 26 (buff)
  • First range reduced: 8m to 7m (nerf)

Rewind (BR class)

  • Increased charge time: 36s / 25s to 45s / 30s

Pumped (BR class)

  • Maximum fuel burn duration when activated: 15s / 20s to 10 / 12s

Swarm (MP scorestreak)

  • Reduced drone count: 6 to 5

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