COD Mobile's New Sniper Rifle Branded 'Broken', Already In Line For Nerf

The ZRG 20mm sniper rifle is Call of Duty: Mobile's newest weapon, but it has been branded "broken" and may already be in line for a nerf.

Zrg 20
The ZRG 20mm has been branded "broken" and will surely be nerfed in time. | © Activision Blizzard

Fans of Call of Duty: Mobile are gearing up for the launch of Season 8: Train to Nowhere. The update is already out for players, allowing them to try the latest weapon balance changes, but the season itself, with its accompanying battle pass, events, and new weapons, won't be available until tomorrow.

One of those new weapons is the ZRG 20mm, and early reports suggest this sniper rifle has de-throned the DLQ 33 as the best sniper in the game.

In fact, the gun is so powerful, especially with the anti-vehicle magazine, that it has been branded "broken" and in serious need of a nerf.

ZRG 20MM Is A One-Shot Kill Anywhere On The Body

The ZRG 20mm sniper rifle is a bolt-action Barret-like sniper rifle that packs a serious punch. A promotional video released for the Chinese localization of the game shows it destroying a vehicle in just a few shots, so you can only imagine what it could do to flesh and bones.

Actually, you don't have to imagine now, as COD: Mobile's army of leakers and meta enthusiasts have discovered that the ZRG 20mm is very powerful indeed.

Sharing many characteristics of the DLQ 33, namely huge damage output and high velocity, it has emerged that, when equipped with the anti-vehicle magazine, the gun becomes a one-shot monster capable of killing an opponent with just one landed body shot dealing 104 damage, even when you hit someone's little toe.

Dlq 33
The DL Q33 (pictured) has some serious competition. | © Activision Blizzard

This particular piece of information comes courtesy of Stats On Duty, who claims the anti-vehicle magazine gives it that one-shot ability while "having no effect on ads speed."

The gun currently isn't available in standard multiplayer modes as it will only become available once the battle pass goes live, but you can pick it up from ground loot in the battle royale mode, and it is available to use in the shooting range.

It has some saying "goodbye" to the DLQ and calls for it to be nerfed, comparing it to when another sniper rifle, the Arctic .50, dominated the meta in 2020's Season 9.

Good bye to the current King ? (DLQ) from CallOfDutyMobile

The chances of the developers not heeding the call and nerfing this gun are slim, the question not being if but when.

There is little time to do so before the release of Season 8 on September 7, though a patch a week or so down the line (who doesn't enjoy a broken weapon for a bit?) is likely, as to keep it as it is until the launch of Season 9 in October would surely have the player base up in arms.

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