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Warzone Mobile Devs Clarify Bot Situation

After making a song and dance about the "120 real player lobbies," the Warzone Mobile developers have now clarified how and when bots will feature in the game.

The development team behind Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has answered some pressing questions about the implementation of bots into the title after many had presumed the game would not have any after a marketing campaign that left many with that impression.

When Warzone Mobile was officially unveiled at the COD: Next franchise showcase, the developers took aim at rival battle royales, touting Warzone Mobile's "120 real player lobbies." Also presenting a graphic that gave the impression that while other battle royales had "up to 90% bots", Warzone Mobile's lobbies were all players.

Warzone Mobile bots
The Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile developers made a lot out of the bots seen in other mobile battle royales. | © Activision Blizzard

It was a claim made again in the game's product description on the Google Play Store, challenging players to "skip the bots and put your skills to the test where it counts."

Confusion around bots and their inclusion in Warzone Mobile was immediate, and with that being the case, last week, the developers confirmed that they would in fact be in the game, promising more information soon to answer questions surrounding the issue.

Warzone Mobile Devs Clarify Game's Bot Situation

In a tweet on October 3, the developers explained their claims about 120-player lobbies and clarified when bots would be used.

According to the developers, 120-player lobbies are possible in a single match with "0 bots."

However, when the server population is low, "some bots may exist for the sake of optimal matchmaking times." They do, however, state that the game will always prioritize being filled with real players over quicker bot-filled matchmaking.

In a reply further down the thread, they again stated that the use of bots is essential at times to make sure players can play the game "even if it is 3 am and not a lot of players are on in your time zone."

So there we have it. Bots are definitely a fixture in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, but the hope will be that the game's popularity will make them a rare sight indeed.

Props have to go to the developers for having 120-player lobbies in the first place; a feature of Warzone on console and PC, it is 20 more than is possible in PUBG Mobile, their 100-player lobbies the largest seen on the platform.

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