You'll Soon Be Able To Buy Old Battle Passes In COD Mobile

The battle pass vault will mean that you can go back and purchase battle passes from Call of Duty: Mobile's past.

COD Mobile battle pass vault
Players will soon be able to purchase old battle passes through the battle pass vault in Call of Duty: Mobile | © Activision Blizzard

Ever missed on a limited-time reward in a game and wish there was a way to go back and right that wrong?

Well, in the case of Call of Duty: Mobile that is set to become a reality with the introduction of a battle pass vault which will give you the opportunity to purchase battle passes from the game's past.

The new feature is expected to be released with Season 10 - an anniversary update that marks three-year since the game was released.

The details surrounding the battle pass vault have not been officially unveiled by the developers, but thanks to ever-reliable LeakersOnDuty - who have their finger on the pulse across all of COD: Mobile's localizations - we have an idea of how this system will work.

COD: Mobile To Get Battle Pass Vault

Starting in Season 10, players will be able to purchase previous battle passes using COD Points, and then be able to unlock their rewards by collecting vault coins found in the current season's battle pass. You can also purchase tiers using CP.

If you own any rewards of the battle pass you purchase, it will be priced cheaper, and you will also automatically unlock some rewards just for purchasing an old battle pass.

Not all the previous rewards will be available in these old battle passes, with only rewards of epic rarity and above making it into the vault.

You can own and progress multiple old battle passes, and you will keep them from season to season.

Not all battle passes will be when the battle pass vault is launched, with more expected to be added over time.

It goes without saying, this is a pretty nice feature and one which is particularly welcome as the game heads into its fourth year - with all the battle passes and associated rewards that entails.

Now, if you weren't playing the game at the time of a particular battle pass or you simply choose not to purchase it, with the introduction of the battle pass vault you haven't necessarily missed out.

COD Mobile Battle Pass vault
Return to the COD: Mobile battle passes from the past like 2021's Season 4: Spurned & Burned. | © Activision Blizzard

And with the ability to level up these old battle passes over time, you can take your time unlocking those cosmetics you had your eye on but had no opportunity to obtain.

COD: Mobile Season 10 has no official release date, though its expected to come out next week.

COD Mobile
COD: Mobile is celebrating it three-year anniversary with a bumper load of content. | © Activision Blizzard

Alongside this new battle pass vault feature, there will also be a new map in Crossroads, a new gun in the LAPA submachine gun, and and two new POIs for the Isolated map, among many other changes in what is proving a massive update.

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