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Zombies Classic Is Only Here For A Limited Time, And Fans Ain't Happy

Zombies Classic has returned, but according to the Call of Duty: Mobile developers, it is only for a limited time.

Zombies Are Back COD Mobile Season 9
Zombies are back... but should they be? | © Activision Blizzard

Over two-and-half years since it was removed, Zombies Classic has returned to Call of Duty: Mobile, but don't get too attached, as the game mode might be gone sooner than you think.

With the official launch of Season 9: Zombies Are Back today, the developers posted their customary Community Update on the Call of Duty: Mobile subreddit, detailing everything going on in the game, and when it came to Zombies Classic, they were very clear: this is a limited-time mode.

However, they didn't totally close the door on it remaining in the game past Season 9 but claimed that it was dependent on how well the community received the game mode.

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Season 9
Zombies Classic is a limited-time mode and may not be here after Season 9. | © Activision Blizzard

The developers said: "Like our LTMs in the past, the longevity of this mode depends on you - our community. So if you all love it (which we are pretty sure you will) let us know by playing it, giving us feedback, and defeating the horde!"

"We will share more concrete info about the future of Zombies when we have more details, but for now, we hope you all are as pumped as us to hop back in and grind those rounds."

"Exact Same" Zombies Classic Has Angered Players

The suggestion that it was up to the community to make this mode a success left many with a sour taste. Especially those that have long been calling for its return.

And it wasn't helped by the fact that 2022's Zombies Classic is almost exactly the same - besides an added class system and minor graphical changes - as that which left the game back in early 2020.

"I am assuming you guys have more new Zombies content ready to be released soon. Not trying to sound entitled, or disrespectful in any way whatsoever, but you guys released the exact same game mode from 2 years ago, with the exact same map, with marginal changes, and are expecting positive feedback?" wrote one player in response to the Community Update.

They continued: "After all the waiting, the begging, the hype, surely this isn't everything you got. Surely there is more soon, regardless of our opinion on the mode. Because, if you're going to get rid of Zombies because of the criticism it will inevitably receive for the lack of new content, I have no idea what you're thinking."

Shi No Numa COD Mobile zombies
Shi No Numa returned, but many have already played it to death. | © Activision Blizzard

One player, responding to the suggestion that the community's feedback would lead to more Zombies Classic, pointed out it was a two-way street.

"Then there should have been more brought to the table than just BR classes," said u/ReverseGiraffe120.

"I'm sorry but there's not much here for OG CoDM players. I completed all the OGZ rewards in the first season of its release."

One player claimed that the developers were "laughing in the faces of players." Yikes.

So, the long-awaited return of Zombies Classic hasn't been the hero's welcome that the developers, and players, had hoped for.

With such a long gap between when it was in the game and when it returned, players were hoping for a radically revamped experience, probably not helped by the fact leaks leading up to its return suggested that the mode would return with at least two new maps.

That wasn't the case, though, with the only changes being a couple of new mechanics, like the class system, and some quality-of-life additions, which has left many to the conclusion this game mode was better off dead.

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