All Genshin Impact Characters Coming In Version 3.0 Update

A major version 3.0 update is coming to Genshin Impact and it's introducing new characters! Let's take a look at all of them!

Genshin Impact Characters Banner
Here are all the characters coming to Genshin Impact in the version 3.0 update! | © miHoYo

The massive version 3.0 update will be coming to Genshin Impact on August 24, 2022! We're expecting a flurry of new features, storylines, banners, archon quests, and more! The developers, miHoYo, have already started teasing the update with videos about the new region, Sumeru, and most importantly, the new characters that could be coming to Genshin Impact along with it!

Many eyes will be on the v3.0 update livestream that will be taking place on August 13, 2022. That is when we expect to get confirmation about the characters, both playable and non-playable, that will be coming to Genshin Impact.

All New Genshin Impact Characters In Version 3.0

We can expect to have at least eleven new characters join the Genshin Impact character roster in the v3.0 update. Here are all of them!


Alhaitam Genshin Impact
Al-Haitham is from the Haravata in the Akademiya! | © miHoYo

Al-Haitham is a character you will have a chance to meet in Port Ormos and is from the Haravata in the Akademiya. Leaks suggest that he will be a Dendro Sword user and could potentially be a playable character in the future.


Candace GI
Don't mess with Candace! | © HoYoverse

"Golden Vow" Candace is a playable Hydro-element who will stand strong against all enemies in her role as the Guardian of Aaru village. She has different colored eyes and is someone who truly strikes fear in the Eremites.


Collei Genshin Impact
Collei will be one of the playable characters from Sumeru! | © miHoYo

Collei was the first of the three confirmed playable characters from Sumeru. She possesses an Electro vision, and rumors suggest that she will be a Claymore user and available at a four-star rarity.

Leaks suggest that she'll debut during Phase II of the v3.0 update in mid-September 2022.


Cyro Genshin Impact
Get ready to meet Cyno in Sumeru! | © miHoYo
Cyno is an Electro-element character that first made his appearance in Genshin Impact in Chapter III of the Teyvat Chapter Storyline: Travail, which was released in 2020. Chapter I and II characters such as Diluc, Kamisato Ayaka, and Ningguang have since become playable characters, so this could be something we could see happen to Cyno in the future.


Dehya Genshin Impact
Dehya is one of the many characters you will meet in the v3.0 update! | © miHoYo

Dehya is an NPC that is part of the desert folk. She is also a mercenary from The Eremites.


Dori Genshin Impact
Dori will be a playable character in Genshin Impact! | © miHoYo

Dori is the second confirmed playable character from Sumeru. She possesses an Electro vision and could potentially be equipped with a Claymore. Available at four-star rarity, Dori is rumored to debut during Phase II of the v3.0 update in mid-September.

Lesser Lord Kusanali / Nahida

Nahilou Genshin Impact
Nahida is a mysterious new character in Genshin Impact... | © miHoYo

Nahida is a mysterious girl you will meet on your journey in Sumeru. There is still a lot of uncertainty if the Dendro Archon, Lesser Lord Kusanali, is the same character as Nahida.


Nilou Genshin Impact
Nilou is an incredible dancer and artist! | © miHoYo

Nilou is a Hydro-element character described to have "went off the beaten path" by choosing to pursue art and dance. This runs counter to the traditional values such as rationality and wisdom that are especially treasured in a place such as Sumeru.


Scaramouche Genshin Impact
Scaramouche will finally be a character in Genshin Impact! | © miHoYo

Scaramouche is a character that has been long-awaited to become a character in Genshin Impact. He first appeared in the game as the main antagonist of the Unreconciled Stars event.


Tighnari Genshin Impact
Tighnari serves as a Forest Watcher! | © miHoYo

Tighnari is the third and final playable character that was previously confirmed by miHoYo in the Summer Fantasia update. He doubles as both an Amurta researcher and a Forest Watcher in Sumeru. Tighnari is equipped with Dendro vision.

He is rumored to be the first five-star event-exclusive character that will be held during Phase I of the v3.0 release.

Besides all this, General Mahamatra and Kavi will also be coming as new characters in Genshin Impact v3.0 update. However, not much is known about them as yet.

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