Boom Beach: Frontlines September Update: Release Date, Balance Changes, New Cards And Game Mode, More

The September update for Boom Beach: Frontlines introduces new cards, a new game mode, and some important balance changes.

Boom Beach: Frontlines September Update
Boom Beach: Frontlines is set to get new cards, a new game mode, and plenty of balance changes in the upcoming September update. | © Super Ape Games

Boom Beach: Frontlines is set for some changes, with the developers revealing the new features and additions that players can expect in the September update.

Update 0.9.0 will introduce new cards to the game (and increased maximum player level), a brand new game mode in the shape of Boom Ball, and many balance changes.

Boom Beach: Frontlines September Update - Release Date

Anounced today (September 20), the September update has no fixed release date at the time of writing, though the developers have told players to expect it in "late September."

When it's released, players will need to download the latest update from their respective app store.

New Cards

With the maximum player level increasing from 53 to 56, two new cards will be added to the game. These are Crystal Critters and the Bike.

Crystal Critters are a rare power-up that helps to heal your teammates. Once deployed, these critters will run and jump on your allies, healing them in the process.

New cards Boom beach frontlines september update
Crystal Critters can heal a number of teammates at the same time. | © Super Ape Games

The Bike is a common vehicle and can be used to zoom around the map. Players are able to remain on the offensive once inside as they can fire from the handy sidecar.

New Game Mode - Boom Ball

Boom Ball is a brand new limited-time game mode coming to Boom Beach: Frontlines. Think of it as like football with tanks.

It's a 6v6 game mode, where each team has three goals. You will need to pick up your team's ball, battle through your opponents, and get the ball into their goal.

Boom Ball
Boom Ball is a new limited-time mode coming to Boom Beach: Frontlines. | © Super Ape Games

There are two balls in play, so it isn't all about attacking, as players will need to ensure their nets are suitably defended too.

Boom Ball will only be available to play from 12 pm UTC on Friday to the same time on Monday, and players will also need at least 450 medals to participate.

Each weekend, a new variant of the game mode will be available to play, Classic Boom Ball, where players can choose their troops freely; All-Star Boom Ball, which only offers players a select few troops; and Vehicle Boom Ball, which... well only features vehicles.

Balance Changes

The balance changes will be felt across the game, as they buff and nerf some cards, tweak some cooldowns, and make some of the game's missions easier. Let's take a look!

Buffed Cards

There are seven buffed cards, with Warrior and Commando, once again, being shown some love.

  • Warrior - Sprint duration increased by 25%. Health increased by 10%.
  • Ice Guard - Sprint duration increased by 25%. Health increased by 10%.
  • Medic - Weapon range increased by 25%.
  • Rocket Trike - Explosion radius increased by 22%. Accuracy increased.
  • Jetpack - Health increased by 10%. Explosion radius increased by 22%
  • Laser Ranger - Health increased by 10%.
  • Flamer - Health increased by 13%.
  • Commando - Health increased by 10%.
  • Missile Tank - Significantly reduced minimum range for targeting.

Nerfed Cards

Just one nerfed card, that being Cluster.

  • Cluster - Initial explosion damage decreased by 15%.


Epic cards will be seen more, as their cooldowns have been reduced by as much as 20 seconds.

Reduced and re-scaled Epic Card Cooldowns - Minimum cooldown reduced by 20 seconds (e.g., level 5 cooldown from 74 to 54), and maximum cooldown reduced by 15 seconds (e.g., level 11+ reduced from 89 to 74 seconds).


Eight missions will be made easier, making it easier to level up your Beach Pass!

  • 'Deal 10000 damage to enemy objective' - reduced requirement from 12,000 to 10,000.
  • 'Use a Power-Up 15 times' - reduced requirement from 15 to 12.
  • 'Capture 5 Control Points' - reduced requirement from 5 to 4.
  • 'Spend 200 seconds inside Capture Zones' - reduced requirement from 200 to 180.
  • 'Deal 25,000 damage using any vehicle' - reduced requirement from 25,000 to 20,000.
  • 'Restore 6000 health as a Medic' - reduced base requirement from 6,000 to 4,000.
  • 'Restore X health as a Medic in one life' - reduced requirement by 20%.
  • 'Absorb X damage as a Heavy or a Flamer' - reduced base requirement from 15,000 to 12,000.

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