Boom Beach Frontlines: Season 11 Beach Pass

Season 11 is here in Boom Beach: Frontlines and the new Beach Pass is packed with new rewards, perks, and a new troop.

Boom Beach: Frontlines Season 11 Beach Pass Rewards Troops Rewards Space Ape Games
Here's everything in store for the Beach Pass for Season 11 of Boom Beach: Frontlines! | © Space Ape Games

Season 11, named Trouble Brewing, is live in Boom Beach: Frontlines. With it, a new monthly Beach Pass has arrived, and you know what that means - new rewards, perks, and a new exclusive troop. In the last season, we saw the Laser Ranger come as the exclusive new troop.

So what lies in store for us this season? Let's look at Season 11's Beach Pass and everything in it while it's available in Boom Beach: Frontlines between September 1 and October 1, 2022.

Season 11 Beach Pass - Rewards

Season eleven has some amazing rewards lined up for Beach Pass holders in Boom Beach: Frontlines. Here's what you can expect to get:

  • 70 Beach Pass reward tiers to unlock. This includes rewards such as Common, Rare, and Epic Wild cards. Commando, the new exclusive Beach Pass Epic troop, will also be available as a reward.
  • 70 Free Pass reward tiers can be unlocked alongside the beach Pass. This includes rewards such as Common and Rare Wild cards.
  • Bonus Boxes will be rewarded after you complete the tiered Beach Pass rewards.

As always, all Beach Pass exclusive content will become available in Boxes at a future date.

Season 11 Beach Pass - New Troop: Commando

Season 11 commando boom beach
The Cammando has been added in Season 11. | © Space Ape Games

The Commando is an Epic Troop that will be coming to Boom Beach: Frontlines in Season 11. He's a well-rounded troop with a fast fire rate and moderate movement speed. The Commando boasts a rifle with a grenade launcher modification that makes his first shot after reloading a grenade that can damage opponents (even those behind tall obstacles). Imagine him as a more aggressive and assertive Assault.

You can unlock the Commando in the second tier of rewards of the Beach Pass for Season 11. If you already own him, you can earn extra cards to upgrade the Commando to a higher level.

Season 11 Beach Pass - Perks

Boom Beach: Frontlines Season 11 Beach Pass Space Ape Games
What perks await you in season 11's Beach Pass? | © Space Ape Games

Season 11's Beach Pass will offer additional perks besides the extra rewards and exclusive new troops. These perks are:

  • An additional fourth Daily Mission.
  • Your name will be colored gold on the 'end of the battle' leaderboard.
  • Bonus Big Boxes can be earned after completing tiered rewards.

That's everything Season 11's Beach Pass has in store for us. You can reach the full details on the official Boom Beach: Frontlines site. You can download the game on both Android and iOS devices.

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