Boom Beach Frontlines: Guide To Conquest Game Mode

Conquest is a game mode you can play in Boom Beach: Frontlines. It can be tricky to understand so we've put together a guide to teach you how to play it!

Conquest Game Mode Boom Beach Frontlines
The Conquest game mode in Boom Beach: Frontlines is super fun! | © Space Ape Games

Alongside Super Operations, Conquest is one of the few games currently available in Boom Beach: Frontlines. The rules are similar to Battlefield's Conquest and Call of Duty's Domination game modes. In those game modes, your objective is to secure several control points in order to win the game. However, Boom Beach: Frontlines has its own special spin on this classic game mode so it can be slightly difficult to grasp.

So, we've created this handy guide to help you navigate all things Conquest-related!

Conquest Gameplay

Point AB Boom Beach Frontlines
This is the type of gameplay you can expect in the Conquest game mode! | © Space Ape Games

In Conquest, each match starts with 4 minutes and 30 seconds on the timer. In that time, the goal is to capture and hold both the A and B points. Once both points are secured, a ten-second countdown will begin and you and your team will need to hold onto both points until the end of the countdown to win the game.

If teams each control a single point (or no team controls any point) at the end of the 4 minutes and 30 seconds timer, a two-minute overtime will begin. The first team to either destroy an enemy's point or capture it will win the game. If no point is destroyed, a Tiebreaker will occur and the point with the higher health percentage will win the game.

How To Capture A Point

Point Capture Boom Beach
This is how you capture a point in Conquest! | © Space Ape Games

You will need to have at least one player on that point to begin capturing it. It will take thirty seconds to capture it if you have one uncontested player standing on the point. You will capture the point faster if there is more than one player on the point.

These are the capture rates:

  • If two players are present on the point, the capture rate is 1.25x faster which leads to a 24-second capture time.
  • If three players are present on the point, the capture rate is 1.5x faster which leads to a 20-second capture time.
  • The capture rate does not increase if more than three players are present on the point. It will remain at a 1.5x rate.

Building Defenses

Defence Building Boom Beach
This is how you can build defenses in the Conquest game mode! | © Space Ape Games

Defenses can only be built at points you control in the Conquest game mode. You will need to spend munitions in order to build them. You can collect munitions in battle by either damaging enemies, vehicles, or points.

If a defense is destroyed, it will enter a cooldown period before you can rebuild it. However, rebuilding destroyed defenses will have a higher munitions cost.

Troop Cooldowns

Troop Cooldowns Boom Beach

In a Conquest game, you will need to choose a new troop to play as every time you get eliminated. When a troop is eliminated, it will enter a short cooldown period. As such, you will need to ensure that you utilize your troops wisely in different situations so you can increase your team's chances of victory.

These are some extra information you will need to know about troop cooldowns:

  • The length of a Troop's cooldown increases with its rarity and level.
  • If a troop is eliminated while driving a vehicle, it won't go into cooldown as vehicles already have built-in cooldowns.

That's everything you need to know about the Conquest game mode in Boom Beach: Frontlines. You can download the game on both Android and iOS devices.

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