Boom Beach Frontlines: All Super Operation Maps

Super Operations is a chaotic game mode in Boom Beach: Frontlines that produce fun and insane moments. Let's take a look at all of them!

Super Operations Boom Beach Banner
Super Operations introduce mayhem to battles in Boom Beach: Frontlines! | © Space Ape Games

Boom Beach: Frontlines is a 9v9 team shooter that's a spin-off of Supercell's Boom Beach. It focuses on bringing a fun and exciting dimension to the already established shooter genre that often involves troops, vehicles, tactics, and team play. One way the developers, Space Ape Games, plan on making Boom Beach: Frontlines different is by introducing twists to regular battles in the form of the Super Operations game mode.

Here's what Super Operations are and the maps currently available in Boom Beach: Frontlines.

What Are Super Operations?

Super Operations introduce twists to regular battles in Boom Beach: Frontlines. These operations take place in one of the seven island maps currently available in the game.

These islands feature three biomes that have their own unique terrains and environments. These biomes include snowy environments, industrial areas filled with mechanical remains of Dr. T's nefarious experiments, and islands that have been partly destroyed by volcano activity and lava rivers.

All Super Operations In Boom Beach: Frontlines

As previously mentioned, there are currently seven maps where Super Operations take place in Boom Beach: Frontlines. Let's take a look at what each operation has in store for us:

Base Buster

Base Buster Boom Beach
Get ready for chaos in Base Buster! | © Space Ape Games

Base Buster has a gigantic missile launcher located at the center of the map. Once captured, the missile launcher will start attacking the enemy team. But stay sharp, as it can be deactivated and recaptured by enemies. It will provide a massive advantage to whichever team has control of it.

Giga Bites

Capture the Giga Critter in the Giga Bites map if you want it to follow and fight for your team! This gigantic critter can be deactivated if it takes a certain amount of damage. It can be reactivated once it is recaptured by the enemy team.

Critter Fortress

Critter Fortress Boom Beach
Look out for falling critters on the Critter Fortress map! | © Space Ape Games

Critters will be raining down in large waves from the sky on the Critter Fortress map. These critters will attack everyone regardless of which team they're on. Their numbers will gradually get larger with each passing wave.

Hot Stone Passage

Flaming rocks will be falling everywhere on the Hot Stone Passage map. As you contend to gain control of the island, these rocks will slowly destroy the island's environment and structure.

Freezing Point

Freezing Point Boom Beach
Things are getting cold in Freezing Point! | © Space Ape Games

Ice Twisters will be circling the Freezing Point map. They will damage and slow everything that is caught in its stormy path.

Lava Land

Lava Land is an island map that experiences heavy volcanic activity. This will surely add an element of randomness to battles and cause a bunch of damage and havoc in the process.

Triple Treat

Point AB Boom Beach Frontlines
Triple Treat adds a twist to the point capture game mode! | © Space Ape Games

Triple Treat introduces a new spin on the classic point capture game mode. On top of the regular two points, a third point, Point C, will be available for capture in this Super operation. Point C will start under the ownership of neutral Critters. Capture all three of these points to win the battle.

Boom Beach: Frontlines can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.

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