Boom Beach Frontlines July Update: New Cards, Balance Changes, Upgradable Buildings

Soon opening up to more countries, Boom Beach: Frontlines has gotten its July update adding new mechanics like upgradeable buildings, as well as a host of balance changes.

Boom Beach Frontlines New Update July 27
Boom Beach: Frontlines adds new cards and a donation mechanic in the July update. | © Supercell

Boom Beach: Frontlines is a brand new game set in the universe of Boom Beach.

But while Supercell's 2014 real-time strategy game was played at a more sedate pace, Space Ape-developed Frontlines turns the action into a 9v9 team shooter with a focus on troops, vehicles, teamplay, and tactics.

The game has already been soft-launched in Canada, and a further nine countries will be joining it on August 3; ahead of that, the developers have released the July update, which adds card donation and building mechanics, and introduces new cards and a series of balance changes among other things.

As of July 27, the update is now live. Players may need to update to the latest version via their chosen app store.

Boom Beach: Frontlines - July Update

The July update will likely be the last major update before August 3, when nineteen new countries join the soft launch.

There is a lot in here, including increasing the number of things you can do while not in a match, some brand new cards, and balance changes to old ones.

To support the onboarding of more countries, there is also an increase in language options, with Filipino, Indonesian Bahasa, Italian, Malay, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Thai, and Turkish all being added to the game.

Card Donation And Upgradeable Buildings

It's been a requested feature and one which many Supercell fans will recognize; the ability to request and donate cards with fellow Alliance (clan) members.

Boom Beach Frontlines July update
A system to request and donate cards has been added to the game. | © Supercell

That feature makes it in with the July update, as well as the ability to upgrade buildings; the more you upgrade them, the better perks they have to offer.

There are now seven building perks that give you benefits like increasing your max card level or improving the rewards you get in boxes.

Players will be able to upgrade them using a new resource called Elderwood, which you can find while exploring the islands. Those who have already been playing the game are getting some in their inventories for lost time.

Upgradable buildings
Upgrade your island's buildings for perks. | © Supercell

New Cards

Three new cards are being added to the game, with the player level also increasing to 53.

We have the new Cryo Mines, a common power-up that acts like an ice-claymore, exploding when opponents are in the vicinity, inflicting damage and severally slowing them down.

There is something a bit more creative, the rare Cryopult vehicle. This is part snowplow, part snowballer launcher. When these snowballs hit, they slow down your opponents, making them easy pickings for the rest of your squad. Reportedly a great asset on attack or defense.

Boom Beach Frontlines july 27 update new cards
Boom Beach Frontlines gets the Cryopult and Iceguard cards in the July update. | © Supercell

Another new addition is the epic troop card, Iceguard. Immune to enemy slowdowns, Iceguards have a lot of health and real heart, chasing opponents down and then cutting them down with their spears.

Balance Changes

A series of balance changes have been made, with some cards getting buffed and others nerfed.

Card Unlock Levels

  • 4x4 has been moved from Player Level 4 to 13 to make room for the Mega Critter (moved from level 30 to 3).
  • Flamer (formerly player level 17) and Scorcher (formerly player level 16) swapped around.
  • Sniper (formerly player level 13) and Heavy (formerly player level 1) swapped around.

Map Balancing

  • Hot Stone Passage and Lava Land Super Operations: Volcanic Activity - Amount of rock strikes reduced by 30%. Damage from small and medium-sized rock strikes was reduced by 25%.

Buffed Cards

  • Warrior - Health increased by 25%. Lifesteal vastly improved. Heal amount lowered from 36% to 25% of your base damage, but it is now triggered separately for each target hit. E.g., hitting two targets doubles the amount healed to 50%, hitting four targets heals you for 100% of base damage, etc.
  • Rocket Trike - Health increased by 65% (1400 -> 2300). Reload time reduced by 25% (4s -> 3s).
  • Armored Car - Health increased by 11% (2700 -> 3000). Cost reduced from 900 to 800.
  • Flamer - Reload time reduced by 20%.
  • Cluster - Reload time reduced by 10% (2s -> 1.8s). Primary explosion damage increased by 15%.
  • Projectile speed increased by 15%.
  • Commando - Significantly increased accuracy.
  • Booster - Health increased by 10%. Score & munitions generated for boosting other units increased by 20%.
  • Cryoneer - Health increased by 5%.

Nerfed Cards

  • Baby Tanks - Health decreased by 25%. Cost increased from 800 to 950.
  • Fire Bomber - Health reduced by 15%.
  • Medi Launcher - Range reduced by 9% (24 -> 22). Health reduced by 12.5% (3200 -> 2800). Reload time increased by 20% (5s -> 6s).
  • Sniper - Movement speed reduced from 6 to 5.8 (3.5%). Movement speed while aiming remains the same. Reload time increased by 7% (1.5s -> 1.6s).

Brand new missions and bug changes were also introduced, and you can check out more on the official Boom Beach Frontlines website.