Boom Beach Frontlines: Guide To Squads

Want to know how you can play with your friends in Boom Beach: Frontlines? We'll show you how with the Squad feature!

Squads Boom Beach
Squad up with your friends in Boom Beach: Frontlines! | © Space Ape Games

Squads are a cool way to team up with your friends in Boom Beach: Frontlines. They're a similar mechanic to Clans in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale that allows you to quickly pair up with friends for any battle. The only minor setback in Boom Beach: Frontlines is that you can only invite up to two friends to a Squad. But still, it's one way you can play together with your friends in this incredibly chaotic 9v9 mobile game.

Let's take a look at how you can invite friends to your Squad!

How To Join A Squad In Boom Beach: Frontlines

Home Screen Boom Beach
Find the 'Squad' button on the game's home screen! | © Space Ape Games

Joining a squad is a simple task. First, you have to launch the Boom Beach: Frontlines application. Locate the 'Squad' button at the bottom right corner of the home screen (colored red in the picture above).

Join Squad Boom Beach
Here is how you can invite friends to your Squad! | © Space Ape Games

From there, a pop-up menu will appear with two tabs: Squad and Friends. If you already have a friend, they will appear as an 'Online Friend' in the Squad tab. A gold-colored button with the words "Invite to Squad" can be seen to the right of their name. Select this button to invite a friend to your Squad.

If your friend is the one inviting you to join their Squad, you will receive an invitation that will appear in the Squad tab. You can accept your invitation there.

Also, If you don't have any in-game friends yet, you can add them in the Friends tab by either adding them through their player ID or sharing an invite link.

Squad Accept Boom Beach
This is what it'll look like when a friend successfully joins your Squad! | © Space Ape Games

Once your friend accepts your Squad invite, their name will be shown in gold and an "In Squad" message will appear next to their name. You can also view the names of all the friends currently in your Squad through the list that will be shown on the right in the Squad tab (as seen above).

Ready Squad Boom Beach
Ready up to start playing with your Squad! | © Space Ape Games

After you've assembled your entire Squad, you can select the "Ready!" button to indicate to your fellow teammates that you are ready to jump into battle. You can also select the "Unready!" button to show that you're not prepared to start playing yet.

You can read about Squads and more about Boom Beach: Frontlines at their official site:

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