Dead by Daylight Mobile Clown Guide: Best Perks, Tips, More (2023)

This is the best build for The Clown in Dead by Daylight Mobile (2023).

Clown guide
Turn that frown upside down... | © Behaviour Interactive

Kenneth Chase, aka The Clown, is one of Dead by Daylight Mobile's most deranged killers. If you've played the mainline game, you will know he has undergone many changes over the years, and if you haven't you might be unsure how to play him.

Thankfully, that's where this Dead by Daylight Mobile guide comes into play, as we show you how to use The Clown to his goriest potential.

The Clown Overview

Power: The Afterpiece Tonic, the Clown starts the match with four shared bottles of Afterpiece Tonic and Afterpiece Antidote. The Clown on skill activation will throw one of these bottles, which will activate a different effect depending on which is thrown.

Afterpiece Tonic, when thrown, will break and release a purple gas cloud that causes survivors to be intoxicated. When survivors enter the purple cloud, they will be impaired and cough while losing the ability to fast vault.

Afterpiece Antidote, on contact, the bottle will break and release a white inactive gas cloud which will then turn gold and invigorate The Clown and survivors upon entry. The invigoration effect will grant a 10% haste status for five seconds. But, these effects will be neutralized by the tonic gas cloud.

Unique Perks


After vaulting a window. Bamboozle will block that window for the next 12 seconds. These windows cannot be vaulted by survivors. Bamboozle cannot block more than one window at a time.
CoulrophobiaAll survivors within the terror radius will get their healing speed reduced by 40% and will have the speed of their healing skill checks increased by 50%.
Pop Goes the WeaselAfter a survivor is hooked, Pop Goes the Weasel activates for 40 seconds. When a generator is damaged within the time frame, it instantly regresses by 20%.

The Build

  • Jolt
  • Pop Goes The Weasel
  • Whispers
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death

Pop Goes the Weasel and Jolt are skills that center around regressing generators on the map. Generators are the best way to ensure you can get confirmed hooks on survivors.

Whispers will notify you of a survivor up to 36 meters in your vicinity. It's essential to have Whispers, so you can hook the survivors that are dealing with the regressing generators.

Hex: No One Escapes Death will highlight the survivors once the Exit Gates have been powered. Since this Hex also increases your movement speed, it's a great way to close out the remaining kills you may need to get the win.

Despite being a Clown, the guy is here for a serious beatdown. Combining the killer's natural instincts and power with the perk build above, we have no doubt you will clown on your enemies.