Dead By Daylight Mobile Trickster Guide: Best Build, Perks, More (2023)

We show you the best build, perks, and more for the Trickster in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

Trickster guide
The best Trickster build in Dead by Daylight Mobile. | © Behaviour Interactive

The ever-enigmatic, flamboyant, and exciting Ji-Woon Hak, also known as The Trickster, is a fan-favorite killer in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

His cool demeanor and witty banter make him one of the game's unique killers to play as. Despite his unique aesthetic, he's unfortunately widely considered to be one of the weaker killers in the game. But, we think that this is because he's mostly an underutilized killer.

To help you win games, we've put together the best build and perks you can have for the Trickster in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

Dead by Daylight Mobile - The Trickster's Power

The Trickster Power
The Trickster boasts a strong Power. | © Behaviour Interactive

The Trickster has the Showstopper power. It allows the Trickster to switch between two different stances: Default stance and Throwing stance.

While in the Throwing stance, he will throw a single blade with one click of the attack button. If the attack button is held, he will release a flurry of them.

The Trickster starts the round with 44 blades so be careful. A survivor needs to be hit with 6 blades to lose a health state. Each hit also fills the Main Event meter.

The Main Event, a special attack, will allow the Trickster to throw unlimited blades for the duration of the skill.

The Trickster's Unique Perks

Dead by daylight trickster
The Trickster has cool unique perks. | © Behaviour Interactive

The Trickster has three unique perks: Starstruck, Hex: Crowd Control, and No Way Out

Here's a description of each of these perks:

When being carried survivors suffer from the exposed status while in the Trickster's terror radius. After hooking or dropping the survivor the effect deactivates but will persist for any survivor within the terror radius.
Hex: Crowd Control
This Hex ensures survivors who perform a rushed vault through a window will prompt the Entity to block it for the next 17 seconds.
No Way OutFor each survivor that the Trickster hooks, he will gain one coin. Once the Exit gates have been powered No Way Out activates. The Entity will block the exits for 12 seconds and an additional 9 seconds per token, up to a combined maximum of 60 seconds.

The Best Trickster Build in Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by daylight trickster
The best Trickster build in Dead by Daylight Mobile | © Behaviour Interactive

The best four perks you can equip for the best Trickster build in Dead by Daylight Mobile are:

  • Fearmonger
  • Bitter Murmur
  • No Way Out
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death

Since the Trickster is better in the mid and end game, this means that the perks we want to focus on will highlight his strengths in those two stages of the match.

Bitter Murmur will reveal the location of all survivors within 16 meters of that generator are revealed to you for five seconds.

This, combined with Fearmonger, causes all survivors repairing a generator to suffer from blindness and exhaustion.

No Way Out is a must-have for the Trickster because it will give him time to clean up any of the survivors that may have gotten out of his grasp. On top of No Way Out, No One Escapes Death will give the Trickster a speed boost and permanently reveal the survivor's locations once the Exit doors have been powered.

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