EA Set To Slow Down Development Of The LOTR: Heroes Of Middle-Earth

EA has announced that the development of The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-Earth mobile game will be slowing down.

LOTR Slowdown banner
The LOTR: Heroes of Middle-Earth will see a slowdown in development. | © EA / Middle-Earth Enterprises

After several months of radio silence from EA on the status of The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-Earth, they released a statement concerning the game's development.

Unfortunately, it's not good news. The devs have stated that they will slow down the game's development. The reason for this is due to the incredible amount of community feedback they have received since the game's soft launch in July.

EA will need time to incorporate this feedback, re-evaluate the game, and discuss how they can improve the user experience to truly immerse players in The Lord of the Rings universe. Naturally, this would shift the team's focus to improving other aspects of the game, which will regrettably result in less frequent updates and new content for the coming months.

The game is clearly a passion project for the devs, as they went on to state:

We want you to love HoMe (Heroes of Middle-Earth) as much as we do, and set up both the game itself and players for years to come for the best experience we can give. We’re immensely grateful for the feedback you’ve provided so far as it will play a critical role in shaping HoMe.
LOTR Slowdown second
This is only a minor setback for the game. | © EA / Middle-Earth Enterprises

An announcement such as this can cause concern for players about the game's future direction. However, the devs were quick to address this. In terms of what we can expect from The LOTR: Heroes of Middle-Earth in the coming months, EA said:

In the near future, we’ll be showing you the results of our changes as updates roll out. You may potentially see changes to how the game looks, the early game experience as well as character changes.

HoMe’s development and the team is still very much on track and in a healthy state and we can’t wait to show you what we’re up to!

Overall, the devs believe that slowing down the game's development was a necessary move to "do justice to players presently and in the future."

From the looks of things, there are no plans for EA to halt or shut down the development of The LOTR: Heroes of Middle-Earth any time soon.

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