Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 2: Rewards Track, Quests, Battlegrounds XP

Huge changes in patch 24.2 could massively shake things up in Hearthstone's Battlegrounds game mode! Let's go over all of them!

Hearthstone Battlegrounds
Prepare for some massive changes in Hearthstone's Battlegrounds mode! | © Blizzard Entertainment

Battlegrounds has arguably been the most popular game mode in Hearthstone since it was first introduced in November 2019. Many players had traded in regular game modes such as Ranked and Arena to solely play Battlegrounds. There haven't been many changes to the game mode over the years, and many believed it to be already perfect.

However, Blizzard made waves recently as they announced that in Hearthstone's upcoming patch 24.2, several significant changes will be introduced to Battlegrounds that they don't believe we players are prepared for. Namely, a new rewards track, Battlegrounds XP, and a new Quests mechanic. Let's go over them all!

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 2 - Start Date

Battlegrounds season 2 will begin on the same day as patch 24.2 is released to Hearthstone on August 30, 2022. Blizzard has not revealed an end date for Battlegrounds season 2 yet.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 2 - New Rewards Track

Battlegrounds Track Hearthstone
Battlegrounds will get its own rewards track once patch 24.2 drops! | © Blizzard Entertainment

Battlegrounds will now also have its own rewards progression track that offers players Battlegrounds-specific rewards such as Battlegrounds emotes, Hero skins, Strikes, and more. For season 2, the rewards will all be designed around the anime-inspired "Magic of Azeroth" theme. Similar to the Hearthstone rewards track, there will be a free and premium unlockable rewards track.

The Season Pass will grant you access to the premium rewards track. You can purchase the Season Pass with Hearthstone's new in-game currency: Runestones. These Runestones can be purchased through the in-game shop or at the Battlenet webshop once patch 24.2 is made live. They will cost the same price as Battlegrounds Perks.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 2 - Battlegrounds XP

Battlegrounds XP Hearthstone
Speed up your rewards tracks progression with Battlegrounds XP! | © Blizzard Entertainment

Besides the new Battlegrounds-specific rewards track, a special new Battlegrounds XP system will also be introduced. Earning Battlegrounds XP will accelerate your progression in the Battleground rewards track on both the free and premium tracks.

There are two ways you can earn Battlegrounds XP. These are:

  • Battlegrounds missions: These are Battlegrounds-specific weekly quests. They will be offered on top of the regular Hearthstone daily and weekly quests (with no changes made to the appearance frequency of the latter two). Three Battlegrounds missions will be available each week and they will reward you with Battlegrounds XP once they are completed. These missions are re-rollable (one per day) and can be banked for the end of the Battlegrounds season if you did not complete them.
  • Winning Battlegrounds games: For every game you win in Battlegrounds, you will earn Battlegrounds XP. This is similar to how you earn XP for each win in other Hearthstone game modes.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 2 - Quests Game Mechanic

Season 2 will introduce a new game mechanic to Battlegrounds: Quests. These work similar to Quests (and Questlines) that were introduced as a card type in the Journey to Un'Goro card expansion. To complete a Quest, you will have to meet a particular condition/challenge to receive a reward that will give you an advantage for the rest of the game.

Better Quests Hearthstone
Quests are a new Battlegrounds gameplay mechanic! | © Blizzard Entertainment

But Battlegrounds Quests will introduce a new spin as you will get to decide which Quest and which reward you would like to get. On turn four, you will be presented with three Quests and reward options. Once you complete the Quest, you will receive your selected reward.

13 different Quest options will be introduced in Battlegrounds season two. These are:

  • Invite the Guests: Buy 7 minions.
  • Dust for Prints: Add 15 cards to your hand.
  • Cry for Help: Play 6 Battlecry minions.
  • Witness Protection: Have a friendly Taunt minion be attacked 8 times.
  • Exhume the Bones: Trigger 6 friendly Deathrattles.
  • Track the Footprints: Have Bob’s Tavern Refresh 10 times.
  • Assemble a Lineup: Summon 14 minions.
  • Unmask the Culprit: Lose or tie 3 combats.
  • Find the Murder Weapon: Increase a minion’s stats 15 times.
  • Reenact the Murder: Have 18 friendly minions die.
  • Sort It All Out: Order your minions from lowest to highest Attack for 4 combats.
  • Follow the Money: Spend 25 Gold.
  • Unlikely Duo: Play 5 minions from a minion type or another minion type.
Rewards Hearthstone
You can choose from 24 different reward options! | © Blizzard Entertainment

24 different reward options will be introduced in Battlegrounds season 2. These are:

  • Snicker Snacks: At the end of your turn, 2 friendly minions trigger their Battlecries.
  • Stolen Gold: Start of Combat: Make your left and right-most minions Golden.
  • Evil Twin: Start of Combat: Summon a copy of your highest-Health minion.
  • Ritual Dagger: After a friendly Deathrattle minion dies, give it +4/+4 permanently.
  • Anima Bribe: After you sell a minion, give its stats to a minion in Bob’s Tavern.
  • Devils in the Details: End of Turn: Your left and right-most minions consume a minion in Bob’s Tavern.
  • The Smoking Gun: Your minions have +5 Attack.
  • Cooked Book: After you buy a minion, give it +1/+1 and upgrade this.
  • Mirror Shield: After each Refresh, give a minion in Bob’s Tavern +4/+4 and Divine Shield.
  • Secret Sinstone: After you Discover a card, get an extra copy of it.
  • Ghastly Mask: Add ‘[a random “end of turn minion”]’ to your hand. Your end-of-turn effects trigger twice.
  • Theotar’s Parasol: At the end of your turn, give your right-most minion Stealth until your next turn and +8 Health.
  • Teal Tiger Sapphire: Minions in Bob’s Tavern have +1/+1 for each time it was Refreshed this turn.
  • Red Hand: At the start of your turn, give a minion in your hand +12/+12.
  • Victim’s Specter: After each combat, get a plain copy of the last friendly minion that died.
  • Hidden Body: Discover a minion of your Tavern Tier.
  • Tiny Henchman: At the end of your turn, give +2/+2 to 3 friendly minions of Tier 3 or below.
  • Yogg-tastic Tasties: At the start of your turn, spin the Wheel of Yogg-Saron.
  • Wondrous Wisdomball: Occasionally gives helpful Refreshes.
  • Staff of Origination: Start of Combat: Give your minions +15/+15.
  • Alter Ego: Even Tier minions in Bob’s Tavern have +6/+6 (will swap to Odd next turn.)
  • The Friends Along the Way: At the start of your turn, get 2 random minion types.
  • Pilfered Lamps: You only need 2 copies of a minion to make it Golden.
  • Menagerie Mayhem: At the end of your turn, give your minions +1 Attack for each friendly minion type.

Note that the numbers in some of these Quests will vary depending on which reward option they're paired with. If the reward is super powerful, the Quest conditions will be more difficult. If the reward is less powerful, the Quest conditions will be easier to meet.

You can check out the Battlegrounds season 2 FAQ from Blizzard if you still have any unanswered questions.

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