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Mobile Port Of Stardew Valley V1.5 Won't Have Co-Op Mode

Stardew Valley v1.5 will not feature co-op support when it finally arrives on mobile later this year.

Stardew Valley mobile coop
The mobile version of Stardew Valley will likely never get the co-op mode at this point. | © ConcernedApe

Bad news for fans of the mobile version of Stardew Valley, when the next major update drops it will be missing one key feature.

The mobile version of Stardew Valley has lagged behind in terms of updates compared to those found on other platforms.

Currently, the mobile port of Stardew Valley runs version 1.4 of the farming simulator, with the v1.5 update, which was released at the start of 2021 for the game's other platforms, still not available on Android and iOS devices.

That is expected to change, with developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone confirming in August of this year that the v1.5 update would be released late in 2022.

That update introduced many new features and mechanics, including Ginger Island, a new beach farm, a ton of new characters and events, and a split-screen co-op.

Ginger Island 3
Ginger Island was added to Stardew Valley in the 1.5 update. | © ConcernedApe

Unfortunately, when it comes to the mobile port, split-screen co-op, or any co-op mode for that matter, isn't on the cards, as revealed by ConcernedApe in a recent Twitter thread.

When asked if the mobile version of Stardew Valley v1.5 would support multiplayer, ConcernedApe simply said, "no... multiplayer will not be in 1.5 mobile."

That is obviously a shame for mobile users as the co-op mode is a well-liked feature of a game that is all about working together and building relationships.

We will just have to be content that v1.5 is coming to mobile at all. ConcernApe originally developed the game by himself, and while he has since brought on some people to help, it is a far cry from the huge development studios that make some of our favorite games.

He has also started work on his next game, Haunted Chocolatier, which will see players manage a chocolate shop set in a mysterious castle. With such a small team and high hopes for this latest title, it is perhaps no surprise that some features of Stardew Valley's mobile port have been cut.