Netflix Has A New Look On iOS

An update to the Netflix iOS app gives the streaming platform a responsive new look.

Netflix UI
Netflix has a new sleek look on iOS. | © Netflix / Janum Trivedi

The Netflix iOS app has just received a major update, greatly improving the user interface.

Shortly after its roll-out, one of the designers behind it, Janum Trivedi, took to Twitter to post a video of the new UI in action.

As you can see in the video, the app's buttons and menus are more responsive, introducing a responsive "billboard layout".

Click on a show/film, and a large preview card takes up the screen, move your phone from side to side, and the card appears to move with it.

Trivendi, who works at Browser Company, says he had been working on the UI update for the "past year", looking to make it "more fluid, delightful, and polished."

In a subsequent tweet, Trivendi laid out the big changes:

  • New billboard layout responds as you move your device with a subtle lighting effect.
  • Beautiful wallpaper gradients that are created on-the-fly from the art.
  • A new card transition that’s fully interruptible/interactive.
  • New launch/profile animations, haptics, and more.

Currently, this new UI is only available on iOS, with it unclear if there are any plans to bring it to other platforms.

If you are an Apple user, simply update your Netflix app, and you should have the new UI available.

Netflix remains the world's leading OTT streaming service but has had a difficult twelve months, losing subscribers in key markets like the UK and the US.

That loss of subscribers prompted a change in strategy for Netflix, forcing a reduction in the content budget and the introduction of an ad-supported service, which rolled out at the end of last year.

The streaming giants have also moved into mobile game development, opening up an in-house studio led by a former Electronics Arts executive as they look to provide greater value to subscribers.