Omega Strikers Mobile: Release Date, Pre-Registration, Gameplay, More

When will Omega Strikers come out on mobile? It might be sooner than you think...

Omega Strikers mobile release date
Omega Strikers is coming to mobile, but when? We look at the facts. | © Odyssey Interactive

Omega Strikers may have only been out on PC for a matter of weeks, but it has already made plenty of waves with its simple yet addictive formula that imagines League of Legends-like characters playing soccer.

Developed by Odyssey Interactive, which has a number of ex-Riot Games staff onboard, the game is colorful, competitive, and instantly engaging.

At the moment, the free-to-play game is only available on PC via Steam, though the developers have already promised a release on mobile, and it may be arriving a lot sooner than first thought.

Omega Strikers mobile pre-registration download link
Omega Strikers has 12 characters to choose from, all with their own unique abilities. | © Odyssey Interactive

The developers have also promised to give the game cross-progression and cross-platform play and have even spoken of the potential for mobile players to not only compete with PC players but to best them.

If you want to learn more about Omega Strikers Mobile, including the release date, check out our primer below.

Omega Strikers Mobile - Release Date

Omega Strikers was released on PC via Steam in September 2022. The game is currently in open beta and is available to anyone who wishes to take part - all you have to do is download the game from Steam, and off you go.

Regarding the mobile port of the game, in September, the developers announced that a cash injection had allowed them to increase the size of the development team, with those hired focused on getting the game ready for its console and mobile release.

With that investment in place, the devs claim that both the console and mobile ports will be available in February 2023.

Update 18/11:

The developers have announced an open beta for the Android and iOS versions of the game to start in December. The game's open beta will also end on January 1, a break from the development plan the developers previously detailed.

The game's cross-platform full release is still scheduled for February 2023.

How To Pre-Register For Omega Strikers

Registering for the Omega Strikers mobile port is now live. You can check out how to do so in our Omega Strikers mobile pre-registration guide.

Omega Strikers Mobile - Gameplay

Omega Strikers imagines a game of soccer if it was played without many rules and by heroes with unique abilities. Each hero has a unique set of abilities that can be used to disable opponents or create unmovable barriers that must be played around.

Games are played 3v3, with teams tasked with being the first to score five goals in the opposition's goals.

Omega Strikers mobile download
Scoring goals is the aim of the game in Omega Strikers. | © Odyssey Interactive

These characters have to be unlocked, but thankfully, the developers have made unlocking them possible through grinding the game, with those that wish to speed up the process able to purchase them from the in-game store.

There is a ranked mode, and small creator-led tournaments have already sprung up, pointing to a future where Omega Strikers develops an esport scene.

The mobile port of Omega Strikers is in an advanced stage of development, proven by the fact that a recent tweet by an employee of Odyssey Interactive claimed that the developers had been secretly "dunking" on PC players in the game's ranked mode - while playing on mobile.

The tweet also contained a video showcasing the game's mobile controls.

The employee would go on to state that he believed that mobile players would be able to compete with the very best on PC, thanks to the fact that every ability on mobile is given its own button with full 360-degree aiming, a fact which he claimed gave the platform the "highest skill ceiling."

They also promised that the game would have cross-progression at launch, with cross-platform play already confirmed.

We will continue to update this page with more information as it becomes available.

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