Rogue Company: Elite Pre-Registration Is Now Live, Rewards Revealed

Pre-registration for Rogue Company: Elite is now live!

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Pre-registration for Rogue Company: Elite has now gone live, with in-game rewards available for those that do so. | © Hi-Rez Studios

Players can now pre-register their interest in Rogue Company: Elite and get rewards for doing so, Hi-Rez Studios has announced.

Players who pre-register for Rogue Company: Elite will receive special rewards, including the Venomous outfit for Ronin, one of the game's rogues, and a Bumblegum Reaper weapon wrap, with more rewards expected to be announced before the game's global launch.

The game, which is essentially a remake of the Rogue Company seen on PC and consoles, is being built from the ground up for mobile devices, featuring fully customizable control schemes and a 120 FPS mode.

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Pre-register and get rewards when Rogue Company: Elite gets its global launch. | © Hi-Rez Studios

The third-person team-based tactical shooter features a roster of rogues, all with different abilities, and a series of small maps put the focus on teamwork.

Currently in closed beta, Rogue Company: Elite is expected to soft-launch soon in Mexico, with a global launch due sometime in 2023. It will be available on both Android and iOS

Pre-registration for both platforms can be completed from the game's official website.

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