Rogue Company Elite Is Holding An Android Beta This Weekend

Both Android and iOS gamers can dive into Rogue Company: Elite over the weekend.

Rogue Company Elite
Rogue Company: Elite is holding its first Android beta test. | © Hi-Rez Studio

Rogue Company: Elite has launched its second Android beta test - with those that pre-registered able to play the game until Sunday.

Rogue Company Elite To Get Android Beta In September

The test actually kicked off on Thursday, but issues with the game's page on the Google Play Store meant that many could not download the game and take part. Those issues are now resolved, with those invited to take part receiving an email today (October 11) with a link to download the game.

The test will end at midnight (ET) on Sunday, November 13, when the servers will once again go down, and surveys will be sent to players.

There is a lot of interest around the mobile port of Rogue Company, with those that have taken part in previous testing periods remarking that the Hi-Rez Studio developed game suits mobile devices to a T.

The free-to-play game features multiple team-based game modes that will be familiar to players of the mainline game, like Strikeout and Team Deathmatch, and classic maps such as Favelas, Icarus, and Depot.

The game currently features ten of the 25 playable characters seen in its big brother, including Phantom, Ronin, Anvil, and Dima.

Rogue Company: Elite features many of the same characters seen in the mainline game. | © Hi-Rez Studios

A wide-ranging Android beta test is just another step towards a global release, hopes will be that all goes well and we can look forward to another high-quality shooter coming to mobile.