Tower Of Fantasy August 26 Patch: Bug Fixes And Content Update

Tower of Fantasy will be getting its second patch in August 2022 which will aim to fix some bugs plaguing the game. Check out all the details!

Tower of Fantasy August 2022 patch Hotta Studio Bug Fixes
A second August patch has arrived in Tower of Fantasy! | © Hotta Studio

Another patch has arrived in Tower of Fantasy only a week after the first Tower of Fantasy patch was introduced. Similar to the last one, the new patch will only remedy minor bugs and issues that scourged most of the game's user interface. Besides this, the files for new content that will go live in September were inserted into the new patch.

Let's go over all of the bug fixes and new content that was introduced in the new patch.

Tower Of Fantasy August 26 Patch - Release Date

The August 26 patch is currently live in Tower of Fantasy. It was introduced during a server maintenance that was held between 6 a.m. UTC+0 and 9 a.m. on August 26, 2022. If you were playing that game at the time, you would've noticed that negative gaming experience and a loss of your in-game properties.

Tower Of Fantasy August 26 Patch - Content Update

Frigg the Simulacrum Tower of Fantasy Content update
Frigg the Simulacrum will be coming to Tower of Fantasy in September | © Hotta Studio

New Tower of Fantasy content will be available on September 1, 2022. The files for the new content were downloaded with the August 26 patch. This is the content that will be made live soon:

  • Frigg the Simulacrum character and their related content, including Simulacrum, Weapon Matrix, and more.
  • Road of Strife event and resources

Tower Of Fantasy August 26 Patch - Bug Fixes

Tower of Fantasy August 2022 Patch Bug Fixes
More bug fixes are coming in this Tower of Fantasy patch! | © Hotta Studio

A series of bug fixes were introduced to Tower of Fantasy in the August 26 patch. Here are all the bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the description of the item Crystal showed an incorrect way to obtain it.
  • Fixed an issue where the event token shown in the Executor Training event page is inconsistent with the name of the actual token.
  • Fixed contextual issues of high-level and low-level perks in the description of the Pass purchase page.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI would display an error when entering the number "9" with the number pad.
  • Fixed an issue where the Display QR code in photos redirected to the Shop.
  • Fixed an issue in the Newcomer Event where the log-in counter displayed errors.
  • Fixed an issue where the Animal Hairpin obtained from the Summer Seabreeze event displayed errors when worn by male characters.
  • Fixed an issue in the Path of Enlightenment event where token number and limit displayed errors in cross-server instance gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue where there is a chance of no Endurance (END) is required when Jetpack is used alongside with the Thunderblades' skill (Spiral Drive) under certain circumstances.

Tower Of Fantasy August 26 Patch - Compensation

Tower of Fantasy august 26 patch compensation
Get these compensatory rewards if you had signed up! | © Hotta Studio

Hotta Studio will compensate all level six players who had registered for it by August 27, 2022, by 12 a.m. UTC + 0. These are the compensation rewards you can expect to get:

  • Maintenance compensation: Dark Crystal x300
  • Bug fix compensation: Dark Crystal x100

Please check your mail for the compensation rewards after the maintenance ended.

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