Valorant Mobile Beta Reportedly Nears, Files Discovered

Valorant Mobile's development is gathering pace.

Valorant Mobile
Valorant Mobile's development is hotting up, with rumors of a new closed beta test. | © Riot Games

It's been almost two years since Valorant was announced to be coming to mobile, and in that time, we've heard and seen very little about the game.

Early on, footage emerged from a closed beta test in China, revealing at least six playable agents and the Ascent map.

In January of this year, the developers finally said something publicly, though it didn't amount to much. Confirming the game is still coming to other platforms (Valorant is also coming to consoles).

"It's going slower than we hoped. Probably slower than you hoped," remarked Valorant Executive Producer Anna Donlon then.

And that was basically it - until now.

In recent days, a number of signs have pointed to the next stage in Valorant Mobile's development, with rumors that a new closed beta is to take place.

Valorant Mobile Files Discovered In Latest Test Build

While the following information isn't of the 'soft launch coming soon' variety, it shows that Valorant Mobile is making steady progress, and we should be hearing much more about it in the coming weeks and months.

The first thing that emerged was the discovery of files related to Valorant Mobile in the most recent Public Beta Environment (PBE), a build of the mainline game used to test new features.

The addition of these files perhaps reveals that Valorant Mobile is catching up to the mainline game on the development side and suggests we may see crossplay - or at least cross-progression - between the games.

Following this, reports emerged that an in-person playtest was set to task place later this month in Guangzhou, China.

If such a test takes place, it would allow the developers to road test the game's latest build and get feedback from gamers, but minimize the risk of footage being leaked to the outside world.

While this is all very exciting - especially after almost two years of virtual silence - one voice emerged to dampen expectations: that of Global Esports' CEO Rushindra Sinha.

In a viral clip, Sinha claimed that Valorant Mobile would not be released this year, with 2024 being more likely. He says that the mainline game is currently the team's "primary focus," though Valorant Mobile has "come a long way" developmentally.

Sinha offered one glimmer of hope: "There is a possibility of an open beta test this year," claiming his information comes "straight from Riot."

So, Valorant Mobile's development continues and there are signs it is gathering pace, just don't be too disappointed if you reach New Year's day and you still haven't played Valorant on the bus.