Is Young Sephiroth Playable In Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is going to shake the foundations of what we know of Final Fantasy VII's story.

Young sephiroth
Young Sephiroth has revealed himself. Is he playable? | © Applibot Inc

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is an upcoming mobile RPG that takes place within the world of Final Fantasy VII.

The story of this specific title is one that fans of the Final Fantasy series have been known to love the most.

Square Enix has decided recently that they want to update the title to bring it into the modern era with Final Fantasy VII Remake and now Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis.

In the latest trailer for the game, there was a huge story reveal. Young Sephiroth is going to be the main character in the game.

This has led many fans to think that he will be a playable character. Let's take a closer look.

Is Young Sephiroth Playable in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis?

Young sephiroth ever crisis
Fans will be happy to know that Sephiroth is back. | © Applibot Inc

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is a game which is retelling the stories of all of the games that take place in the Final Fantasy VII storyline.

This includes games like Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core and Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus.

In the trailers for this game leading up to the Young Sephiroth reveal, we have seen that you can play as Zack, who is the main character from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core.

It is also further implied with all of the gameplay videos that have been posted that you can play as many of the amazing characters from the Final Fantasy VII story.

This leads us to believe that, yes, Young Sephiroth is indeed playable in the game, and he is also probably going to be one of the main characters who gets focused on within the story, so it's going to be no surprise when players get Young Sephiroth for free just by simply playing the game!

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