New State Mobile V0.9.40: Release Date, Maintenance Time, Patch Notes, More

The October update for New State Mobile will introduce an auto-fire feature, a new game mode, and the Tracking Bullet for the M24.

PUBG New State
Check out the changes expected in New State Mobile v0.9.40. | © Krafton

New State Mobile may not have the immense popularity of its big brother, PUBG Mobile, but it certainly doesn't lack in quality, with the game regularly receiving substantial updates and some rather cool collaborations that make it well worth a download.

Next up on the update front is v0.9.40, which adds the Recruit game mode, a new auto-fire feature, as well as some changes to the way the game's ranked mode works.

It also lays the groundwork for the Dead by Daylight collaboration, which kicks off later this month.

Here is everything you need to know about the New State Mobile October update, including the release date and maintenance times.

New State Mobile V0.9.40 - Release Date And Maintenance Time

The October update for New State Mobile will be released on October 20.

The New State Mobile servers will go down worldwide at 12 am UTC on October 20 and stay offline until 6 am UTC.

Players will then be able to update this game either automatically when launching the app, though if there are issues, you can also do so via your chosen app store.

New State Mobile V0.9.40 - Patch Notes

The following changes are coming to New State Mobile in the upcoming update.

Gunplay Updates

The M24's C2 attachment has been changed from a bipod to Tracker Bullets. These bullets will mark opponents you score a hit on for you and your teammates. You will be able to see the outline of opponents hit with the Tracker Bullets through walls and other obstacles.

PUBG new state mobile v0.9.40 october 2022 update
The M24 is getting a new customize option with the introduction of Tracker Bullets. | © Krafton

Using the Tracker Bullets, the M24's magazine slot can no longer be used, but its reload speed will be decreased.

The following weapons have also been buffed or nerfed:

  • MP-155 Ultima
    • Bullet spread increased
  • M110A1
    • Damage increased


One for the newbies here, as New State Mobile will get an auto-fire feature for those struggling to work out the game's controls. Simply point toward an opponent, and the gun will automatically start firing.

Don't call it an aimbot - you do still need to aim for yourself - it's just a nice way to ease in the noobs.

Map Changes

There are a number of map changes heading into the October update:

  • The 'Sunset' weather, previously only available in Erangel (Extreme), is now available on Erangel (Original)
  • Boats have been added to parts of the coastline on Akinta
  • The team deathmatch map Exhibit Hall has received balance changes

Rank Changes

You can now turn ranked mode off, meaning you won't lose rank score in battle royale matches. You will still be queued with other players playing ranked, but you essentially won't be competing in the same way.

To disable ranked mode, you need at least 3,000 points in the mode and server you have selected.

Gamemode Changes, Recruit Mode

Bounty Royale is getting several changes.

  • When you die, a portion of your money will transfer to your loot vox and cannot be picked up by you or your allies.
  • Kill prizes for certain phases have been lowered
    • 150 for Phase 2 is lowered to 100
    • 400 for Phase 4 is lowered to 200
    • 600 for Phase 5 is lowered to 300

Recruit mode is coming to New State Labs. This mode allows you to recruit players that you have previously downed for a maximum of eight team members. Once you complete a recruit, your HP and boost are recovered to 100%.

Deathmatch XP Increased

Gained XP for deathmatch have been increased.

  • XP for kill, death, and knockout are all increased by 50%
  • XP For wins have gone from 100 to 150 and losses from 30 to 75

There are a few other changes noted, including some related to cosmetics. You can check out all of them in the official New State Mobile October patch note video seen below.

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