PUBG Mobile APK Download Links (2023)

Cannot download PUBG Mobile or get the latest version? We are here to help you! Scroll down and learn how to download the PUBG Mobile APK files.

Pubg Mobile APK
Discover where to download PUBG Mobile APK here. | © Tencent Games

PUBG Mobile is one of the most-played mobile games ever released. Since its release, PUBG didn't lose popularity as it still draws the attention of 300 million players monthly in 2023 alone.

If you want to join forces but cannot find the APK file, we are here to help you.

In this article, we'll show you how to download PUBG Mobile APK files. As it might be risky, we'll also show you the safest place to search for them

How To Download PUBG Mobile APK Files

Pubg Mobile APK Website
You can download PUBG Mobile APK on the official website. | © Tencent Games

Scrolling through the internet, you can find various third-party websites with APK files. Some even offer you to download PUBG Mobile with all the skins unlocked, which sounds like a dream for a newcomer looking for freebies.

Still, these websites are the worst place to download PUBG Mobile APK. Downloading their files, you are at the risk of catching 'stealers' and 'miners', which are the most dangerous viruses so far. So, where do you download the latest APK files?

The only trusted source for the game's APK files is the official PUBG Mobile website. Here you can download the classic APK and a compact version. It takes only 716 MB of memory, which makes it more suitable for low-memory devices.

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Can You Install PUBG Mobile APK Files On iOS?

If you are an iOS user, you cannot install PUBG Mobile using APK files. On iOS, any actions with third-party files are restricted. The only place where you can install PUBG Mobile is App Store. Here the game takes 2.5 GB worth of storage, which is a bit more than Android APK.

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