Anime Fruit Simulator Codes (June 2023): Get Free Spins, Gems, Coins

Get the Anime Fruit Simulator codes and grab some free spins, gems, and coins. (Updated: June 2023).

Anime Fruit Simulator
Anime Fruit Simulator codes will reward you with free gems, spins, and coins. | © Obtain

Anime Fruit Simulator is one of the many One Piece-inspired games on the Roblox platform.

And like Anime Fighting Simulator and 0ne Piece Game, Anime Fruit Simulator is all about leveling up your character and battling the game's many bosses.

To do that successfully, you must get your hands on gems, coins, and spins, which can help you get more powerful weapons, upgrade skills, and get that all-important Devil Fruit.

These items can be acquired through missions, trades, and in-game purchases. But there is another, quicker, and cheaper way: using Anime Fruit Simulator codes.

The developers regularly release Anime Fruit Simulator codes, rewarding players with much-needed items - perfect when starting out or grinding for that next level.

Below we list all the working Anime Fruit Simulator codes and a guide on how to claim them.

How To Redeem Anime Fruit Simulator Codes

Redeeming Anime Fruit Simulator codes is easy, as it does in-game. To do so, follow the instructions.

  1. Launch Anime Fruit Simulator from the Roblox app.
  2. Once in the game, you may have to play through the short tutorial; after that, look for the 'Enter Code' text input box in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Copy and paste one of the Anime Fruit Simulator codes below and press 'enter'.
  4. If successful, a message will appear detailing your reward.
Anime Fruit simulator codes 3
Anime Fruit Simulator codes are redeemed in-game. | © Obtain

Anime Fruit Simulator Codes - Active Codes (June 2023)

These are all the currently active codes for Anime Fruit Simulator as of May 31, 2023; you can find those inactive below.

  • BUGFIXES - redeem for two times gems and two times coins for fifteen minutes. (new)
  • EGG-CELLENT! - redeem for easter fruit, two times gems, two times coins for fifteen minutes. (new)
  • OPTIMIZE - redeem for ten spins (new)
  • DUNGEONS! - redeem for 15 spins
  • AWAKENINGS! - redeem for 15 spins
  • FREEDRAGON! - redeem for 15 spins
  • 20MIL!!! - redeem for 30 spins, 20k gems
  • VALENTINE<3 - redeem for 25 spins and 5k gems
  • SECRETFRUITS - redeem for 10k gems
  • 20MIL!!! - redeem for 30 spins, 20k gems
  • VALENTINE<3: - redeem for 25 spins, 5k gems
  • SECRETFRUITS - redeem for 10k gems
  • 1000Likes!!! - redeem for spins and gems
  • 1kFollowing:O?: - redeem for ten spins
  • 1MIL!: - redeem for ten spins
  • 2000Likes:O - redeem for 15 spins, 500k coins and 5k gems
  • 500Likes!!!: - redeem for 25 spins, 500k coins, and 5k gems
  • 20kMEMS: - redeem for ten spins
  • 500Likes!!!: - redeem for spins and gems
  • 50kMEMS?!: - redeem for ten spins
  • 5kLikes!: - redeem for ten spins
  • DRAGONRELEASE! - redeem for 25 spins
  • 1kFollowing:O? - redeem for ten spins
  • 50kMEMS?! - redeem for ten spins
  • 20kMEMS - redeem for ten spins
  • 10kLikesW!? - redeem for ten spins
  • 5kLikes! - redeem for ten spins
  • 1MIL! - redeem for ten spins
  • IWantSpins:) - redeem for ten spins
  • WelcomeToFruitSim - redeem for ten spins
  • soundleakModeler - redeem for free spins and gems
  • 2000Likes:O - redeem for free spins and gems
  • 1000Likes!!! - redeem for free spins and gems
  • 500Likes!!! - redeem for 25 spins, 5k gems, 500k coins
  • 200Likes:O - redeem for 15 spins, 2k gems, 200k coins
  • TWITTERgang! - redeem for ten spins, 1,500 gems, 3k coins
  • triffyWscripter - redeem for nine spins, 500 gems, 2,500 coins
  • FREETORI:O - redeem for 15 spins
  • ObtainDiscord - redeem for six spins, 1,500 gems, and 1k coins

Expired Anime Fruit Simulator Codes

Here are the now-expired Anime Fruit Simulator codes.

  • 100LIKES!<3

Where To Get More Anime Fruit Simulator Codes

The best place to get the latest Anime Fruit Simulator codes is right here. We check for new codes daily and update this page when they are released. So, bookmark this page and check before each game.

If you want to jump to the head of the queue, you can keep an eye on the game's socials, where they are usually released.

The two places to look are:

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