Bee Swarm Simulator Codes (September 2023): Get Free Honey, Beans And Bees

Use these Bee Swarm Simulator codes for free Bees, Honey, Beans, and much more! (Updated: September 2023)

Bee Swarm simulator
Use these Bee Swarm Simulator codes to get free rewards. | © Onett

Almost five years after its launch, Bee Swarm Simulator has become a Roblox institution, so popular it even has a range of toys available to buy at Walmart.

The game is simple and addictive, with players tasked with building a huge beehive capable of producing honey.

To do that, you must complete missions and collect eggs, various bees, tools, and many other items.

It can all be a bit daunting for newbies, but there is where Bee Swarm Simulator codes come in handy. These codes are regularly released by the developers and offer up bonuses, items, and bees.

Below we list all the working Bee Swarm Simulator codes and a guide on how to claim them.

How To Redeem Bee Swarm Simulator Codes

Bee Swarm Simulator codes are redeemed in-game.

Follow the instructions below to redeem Bee Swarm Simulator codes.

  1. Launch Bee Swarm Simulator from the Roblox app.
  2. Once in the game, press the 'settings' menu button (it looks like a gear), found at the top left of the screen.
  3. At the top of the 'settings' menu, you will see an input box with the words 'Promo Codes' above it.
  4. Copy and paste one of the Bee Swarm Simulator codes below.
  5. Click 'Redeem'.
  6. If successful, a box will appear detailing the reward.
Bee Swarm Simulator codes 3
Bee Swarm Simulator codes are redeemed in-game. | © Onett

Take note: Unless otherwise stated, boosts and buffs from codes only last 15 minutes, beginning from when you redeem the code. They don't stack, so redeem these one at a time and only when you're ready to use them.

Also, some codes can only be used if you are part of the official Bee Swarm Simulator club on Roblox.

Bee Swarm Simulator Codes - Active Codes (September 2023)

These are all the working codes for Bee Swarm Simulator as of September 18, 2023; you can find those inactive below.

  • WalmartToys - redeem for Boosts and Rewards (new)
  • 5Years - redeem for the Honeyday Event, Super Smoothie Buff, Wealth Clock x5, and 5 Tickets, Neonberries, Micro-Converters, Smooth Dice, and Marshmallow Bees
  • WeekExtension - redeem for free reward
  • 38217 - redeem for free tickets
  • 10mMembers - redeem for free boosts and rewards
  • 1MLikes - redeem for free boosts and rewards
  • 500mil - redeem for free boosts and rewards
  • 5Years - redeem for x1 Super Smoothie Buff, x5 Wealth Clock, x5 Tickets, x5 Neonberries, x5 Micro-Converters, x5 Smooth Dice, x5 Marshmellow Bees
  • DemiDecade - redeem for Boosts & Rewards
  • DarzethDoodads - redeem for x1 Marshmallow Bee, x1 Tropical Drink, x1 Jelly Beans, x1 Stinger, x3 Tickets, x1 Red Balloon, Clover Field Code Buff, Coconut Field Code Buff
  • Thnxcyastoybox - redeem for x1 Marshmallow Bee, x1 Smooth Dice, x1 Jelly Beans, x1 Micro-Converter, x1 Cloud Vial, x1 Whirligig, x10 Honeysuckles, x1 Pink Balloon, x3 Pumpkin Patch Boost, Pumpkin Patch Code Buff
  • WeekExtension - redeem for 5x Wealth Clock Buff, a Marshmallow Bee, 5x Robo Party Blessing, 3x Strawberry Field Boost, 3x Spider Field Boost, 3x Bamboo Field Boost, 10x Spider Field Winds, 10x Bamboo Field Winds, and 10x Strawberry Field Winds (new)
  • 38217 - redeem for free tickets
  • WalmartToys - redeem for various boosts and rewards
  • 5Years - redeem for various boosts and rewards
  • DemiDecade - redeem for various boosts and rewards
  • 2Billion - redeem for various boosts and rewards
  • 38217 - 5x Tickets
  • Banned - 1x Stubborn Bee Jelly, Spider Field Code Buff
  • BeesBuzz123 - 5x Bitterberry, 5x Gumdrops, 1x Cloud Vial
  • BopMaster - 5x Tickets
  • Buzz - 5,000x Honey
  • CarmenSanDiego - Rose Field Code Buff, 1x 7-Pronged Cog
  • ClubBean - 2x Pineapple Patch Boost, 1x Magic Bean
  • ClubConverters - 10x Micro-Converters
  • Cog - 5x Tickets
  • Connoisseur - 5x Tickets
  • Crawlers - 5x Tickets
  • Cubly - 10x Bitterberry, 1x Bumble Bee Jelly, 1x Micro-Converter, Capacity Code Buff (1 hr)
  • Dysentery - Mushroom Field Code Buff, 1x 7-Pronged Cog
  • GumdropsForScience - 15x Gumdrops
  • Jumpstart - Dandelion Field Code Buff, 1x 7-Pronged Cog
  • Luther - Blue Flower Field Code Buff, 1x 7-Pronged Cog
  • Marshmallow - 1x Marshmallow Bee, Conversion Boost (1 hr)
  • Millie - Sunflower Field Code Buff, 1x 7-Pronged Cog
  • Nectar - 5,000x Honey
  • PlushFriday - 1x Marshmallow Bee, 1x Micro-Converter, 1x Neonberry
  • Roof - 5x Tickets
  • SecretProfileCode - Ant Pass, Enzymes Buff, Glue Buff, Oil Buff, Shocked Bee Jelly
  • Sure - 2,500x Honey, 3x Dandelion Field Boost, Conversion Boost (30 mins)
  • Teespring - 3x Bamboo Field Boost, 3x Bamboo Field Winds, 1x Marshmallow Bee
  • Troggles - Clover Field Code Buff, 1x 7-Pronged Cog
  • Wax - 5,000x Honey, 5x Tickets
  • WordFactory - Pine Tree Forest Code Buff, 1x 7-Pronged Cog
  • Wink - 5,000x Honey, 7x Dandelion Field Boost, 5x Tickets, Black Bear Morph
  • 500mil - 5x Field Dice, 5x Gumdrops, 5x Wealth Clock, 3x Bamboo Field Boost, 2x Stump Field Boost, Conversion Boost (1 hr), Science Bear Morph
    DarzethDoodads: 3x Tickets, 1x Jelly Beans, 1x Marshmallow Bee, 1x Red Balloon, 1x Stinger,1x Tropical Drink, Clover Field Code Buff, Coconut Field Code Buff
  • ThnxCyasToyBox - 10x Honeysuckles, 3x Pumpkin Patch Boost, 1x Cloud Vial, 1x Jelly Beans, 1x Marshmallow Bee, 1x Micro-Converter, 1x Pink Balloon, 1x Smooth Dice, 1x Whirligig, Pumpkin Patch Code Buff
  • WalmartToys - 10x Pineapple Patch Winds, 4x Pineapple Patch Boost, 3x Micro-Converters, 1x Field Dice, 1x Marshmallow Bee, Pineapple Patch Code Buff, Super Smoothie Buff, Wealth Clock
  • 10mMembers - 10x Blue Boost, 10x Blueberry, 10x Focus, 10x Gumdrops, 10x Haste, 10x Moon Charm, 10x Neonberry, 10x Pineapple, 10x Red Boost, 10x Strawberry, 10x Sunflower Seed, 10x White Boost, Black Bear Morph, Conversion Boost (1hr), Pepper Patch Code Buff, Pineapple Patch Code Buff, Stump Field Code Buff
  • FourYearFiesta - 15x Cactus Field Winds, 15x Sunflower Field Winds, 10x Blue Boost, 10x Haste, 10x Precision, 10x Red Boost, 10x White Boost, 5x Wealth Clocks, 4x Bitterberries, 4x Blueberries, 4x Cactus Field Boost, 4x Honeysuckles, 4x Micro-Converters, 4x Moon Charms, 4x Pineapples, 4x Strawberries, 4x Sunflower Field Boost, 4x Sunflower Seeds, 4x Tickets, 1x Atomic Treat, 1x Hard Wax, 1x Loaded Dice, 1x Marshmallow Bee, 1x Neonberry, 1x Pink Balloon, 1x Tropical Drink, 1x White Balloon, Super Smoothie Buff
  • 1MLikes - 1x Bamboo Field Boost, 1x Bitterberry, 1x Blue Boost, 1x Blue Flower Field Boost, 1x Blueberry, 1x Cloud Vial, 1x Clover Field Boost, 1x Coconut, 1x Field Dice, 1x Gumdrops, 1x Honey, 1x Micro-Converter, 1x Moon Charm, 1x Mountain Top Field Boost, 1x Mushroom Field Boost, 1x Pineapple, 1x Pineapple Patch Boost, 1x Red Boost, 1x Spider Field Boost, 1x Stinger, 1x Strawberry, 1x Strawberry Field Boost, 1x Sunflower Field Boost, 1x Sunflower Seed, 1x Ticket, 1x White Boost, Ant Pass, Baby Love Buff, Capacity Code Buff (1 hr), Melody Buff, Mother Bear Morph, Super Smoothie Buff, Unlimited Gumdrops Buff, Wealth Clock Buff

Expired Bee Swarm Simulator Codes

  • 5MFavorites
  • FrozenBugReboot
  • 100MVisits
  • 12HourGeneral
  • 1MFavorites
  • 1MoreTime
  • 2MFavorites
  • 2Years
  • 2YearsAfterParty
  • 300MVisits
  • 3YearFix
  • 3YearParty
  • 3YearPartyFix
  • 4MilMembers
  • 5mMembers
  • AccentMaster
  • AceUnhackedLoot
  • AceUnhatched
  • Afternoon
  • AnniversaBee
  • Arizona
  • August
  • BeeDay2019
  • BeeMine
  • BeesmasBegins
  • BeesmasCheer
  • Berlin
  • BigBag
  • BillionVisits
  • BlackBearMythic
  • BlackFriday
  • BloxyBoost
  • BloxyCelebration
  • Breeze Brown

Where To Get More Bee Swarm Simulator Codes

The best place to get the latest Bee Swarm Simulator codes is right here. We check for new codes daily and update the list above when they are released. So, please bookmark this page and check it before each game!

If you want to jump to the head of the queue, you can keep an eye on the game's socials, where they are released.

The two places to look are:

Why not check out these other Roblox redeem codes to get even more rewards:

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