Wild Rift Patch 4.1: New Champions, Tank Adjustments, Items, Skins

Here's a look at all the champions, items, reworks, skins, and more that are coming to Wild Rift in patch 4.1.

Wild Rift Patch4 1 banner
Here are all the big details about patch 4.1 in Wild Rift. | © Riot Games

Patch 4.1, dubbed 'High Five', will be launching in Wild Rift soon. As you can expect with any major update, there'll be a slew of new content. You'd be right, as Riot promises that patch 4.1 will be packed like never before.

Twitch and Urgot will be the latest champions to make their way to the Summoner's Rift. Their special brand of abilities will surely shake up how the meta shapes up in the future. To go with these new faces are a slew of new tank items and reworks to existing items.

We've also got a variety of skins that will spruce up the way your favorite champions look like.

Patch 4.1 is set to be released to Wild Rift on March 16. Let's get up to speed with everything you can expect to see in the update.

Wild Rift Patch 4.1 - New Champions Twitch & Urgot

Urgot Twitch Banner
Wild Rift's newest champions: Twitch (left) and Urgot (right). | © Riot Games

Patch 4.1 will bring two new champions to Wild Rift: Twitch and Urgot. These gnarly characters both hail from the dark underbelly of Zaun.

Twitch is a marksman who is the perfect champion for the bot lane. He's a master at ganking and dealing consistent damage, so use him to catch, ambush your opponents or assassinate them. Twitch has a passive that deals poison damage over time, and his abilities complement this.

Urgot is a strong champion best suited for the Baron lane or jungling. He's a potent combination of brute force and Zaun technology. Urgot's abilities allow him to unload a barrage of damage onto all who oppose him - especially those at close range - so use them to overwhelm your enemies.

Take an in-depth look at their abilities below:

Wild Rifth Patch 4.1 - Champion Skins

Dark Cosmic Lux
Dark Cosmic Lux is one of the many new skins. | © Riot Games

Eighteen new skins will be coming to Wild Rift in patch 4.1. These include:

  • Arcade Ezreal
  • Battle Boss Brand
  • Birdio Galio
  • Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao
  • Cosmic Lux
  • Cosmic Queen Ashe
  • Cosmic Reaver Kassadin
  • Dark Cosmic Lux
  • Dawnbringer Karma
  • Dawnbringer Yone
  • Dragon Fist Lee Sin
  • Final Boss Veigar
  • High Noon Urgot
  • Mythic Chrome Veigar
  • Nightbringer Lillia
  • Nova Lee Sin
  • Nova Riven
  • Omega Squad Twitch

You can have a look at all of these new skins in our guide.

Wild Rift Patch 4.1 - New Tank Items

Amaranth Twin Guard
Amaranth Twin Guard is a great late-game item. | © Riot Games

Riot will adjust the tank role by introducing three new items to Wild Rift in patch 4.1: Amaranth Twin Guard, Mantle of the Twelfth Hour, and Searing Crown.

Amaranth Twin Guard grants stacks of Endurance while you're in combat with enemy champions. At maximum stacks, you'll gain additional size, tenacity, armor, and magic resistance.

Mantle of the Twelfth Hour will heal you for a part of your health if it falls below a certain threshold. You will also gain slow resistance and movement speed.

Searing Crown is an item that will enable your attacks and abilities to burn your target for a few seconds. The damage dealt will be based on your target's maximum health.

Wild Rift Patch 4.1 - Item Reworks

Thornmail Sunfire Cape Bramble
Five items will be reworked once patch 4.1 arrives in Wild Rift. | © Riot Games

Abyssal Mask, Force of Nature, Thornmail, Sunfire Cape, and Bramble Vest will be reworked in patch 4.1.

Abyssal Mask gets a new passive that will store part of the magic damage you take. When you immobilize an enemy, your stored-up charges will explode and deal magic damage in a small area.

Force of Nature will also get a new passive that will grant you stacks of Steadfast when you take ability damage.

On the other hand, Thornmail, Sunfire Cape, and Bramble Vest will receive minor stat adjustments.

Check out the item reworks in detail in our guide.

Wild Rift Patch 4.1 - Wild Pass Season 12

Superhero Vi Wild Rift
Superhero Vi will be available in season 12 of the Wild Pass. | © Riot Games

Wild Pass Season 12 will have over 50 tiers of reward in both the free and premium tracks. In total, there will be 100 tiers. Besides this, there is the Wild Pass Emporium which offers an extra 17 tiers. Superhero Vi and an Ascendaed version of the skin will be offered as a reward.

The Wild Pass Season 12 will be available on March 16.

Wild Rift Patch 4.1 - Ranked Season

Glorious Armada Twisted Fate
Glorious Armada Twisted Fate will be available in Ranked Season 9. | © Riot Games

Ranked Season 9 will begin in Wild Rift on March 16. As usual, each ranked season offers up rewards to unlock. This season, you will be able to get the Glorious Armada Twisted Fate champion skin.

There were additional Ranked updates. Starting in Season 9, promotion to Grandmaster will now require 40 Marks. This change means that the number of marks required to be in that will stay the same throughout the season, rather than changing based on the top percent of players in your server.

Besides this, to be promoted to Challenger, you'll need 60 Marks. This is an increase from the previous 40.

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