'All Random Ultra Rapid Fire' Game Mode Will Return To Wild Rift

The 'All Random Ultra Rapid Fire' game mode will be available in Wild Rift after the arrival of the patch 4.0 update.

Wild Rift ARUR Fmode
'All Random Ultra Rapid Fire' makes an epic return to Wild Rift. | © Riot Games

Riot will add a fan-favorite game mode back to Wild Rift in patch 4.0: All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (ARURF). Once the update arrives on January 12, you'll be able to queue up and play with a random champion and quickly sling around spells in the Rift.

The last time we saw this game mode was back in May 2022 when it was available in the game mode for a limited time after patch 3.2a. But, with Zeri and Zoe set to join the game in the new update, things will be a lot more chaotic this time.

Here's a closer look at All Random Ultra Rapid Fire game mode.

All Random Ultra Rapid Fire Is Back In Wild Rift

All Random Rule Wild Rift
All Random Ultra Rapid Fire will return with one minor new change. | © Riot Games

The rules of the All Random Ultra Rapid Fire game mode will largely remain the same. Mana and energy costs for champions are reduced. Minions will spawn at a faster rate, have a higher movement speed, and deal more damage. Towers will have bonus plates but have their defenses lowered after a shorter period of time.

There is only one difference. In the patch 4.0 version of the game mode, Riot will be testing something new called 'Execute Smite'. In the champion select screen, you’ll be able to select Execute Smite, along with two other spells. However, Smite will no longer be a selectable spell in this mode. Smite's effect also won't be an active one that you have to press - it'll be a passive one instead.

All Random Gameplay Wild Rift
Execute Smite is perfect for Jungle champions. | © Riot Games

When you damage a monster and cause its health to fall below Smite's total damage, the spell will automatically trigger, effectively smiting the camp for you. No cooldown will be made for this effect.

This version of Execute Smite might sound slightly overpowered to some, however, the devs have reassured that its details and effects may change in the future depending on how well it performs in the playtests.

ARUR Fnewmap Wild Rift
A new map will be made available for this game mode's return. | © Riot Games

As an additional feature for the game mode, the map will be revamped with Lunar New Year accents and a themed cannon in ARURF. Besides this, a new effect for the Lunar New Year will be added so that whenever you slay an enemy, fireworks will shoot into the air.

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