Wild Rift Patch 4.0 New Champions: Zeri And Zoe

Zeri and Zoe are two brand new champions who will be joining the Wild Rift roster in patch 4.0.

Wild Rift Patch4 0 Champion Wild Rift
Zeri and Zoe are two new champions who are joining Wild Rift in patch 4.0. | © Riot Games

Patch 4.0 is set to introduce a whole batch of new changes to Wild Rift once it lands on January 12, 2023. In it, we'll be seeing the arrival of two new champions: Zeri and Zoe.

Zeri is a marksman champion who is able to unleash her electrical energy to deliver high-intensity damage to enemies. Zoe, on the other hand, is a mage champion who relies on chaining her magical abilities to cause as much chaos in the Rift as possible.

These new champions will undoubtedly shake up the Wild Rift meta with their various skills. Here's a look at both of them, their respective abilities, and when they'll be released to the game.

Wild Rift Patch 4.0 New Champion - Zeri

Zeri Wild Rift webp
Zeri, the Spark of Zaun, will electrify Wild Rift in patch 4.0. | © Riot Games

This new champion will bring lightning and sparks to Wild Rift. Zeri is a great pick for the Dragon lane. She is a marksman champion who is capable of dealing burst damage, moving fast, and swiftly taking down your enemies.

Her basic attack, Burst Fire, works differently than one might expect. Tapping the attack button will fire in a direction and damage the first enemy hit - something similar to a skill shot ability. Be sure to aim if you want to target specific enemies.

  • Living Battery (Passive): Zeri will passively gain movement speed whenever she receives a shield.
  • Electrocute (First Ability): Zeri will zap an enemy with a slow effect.
  • Ultrashock Laser (Second Ability): Zeri will fire a beam that damages and slows down the first target it hits. If the beam hits a wall, it will extend its range and fire through it, applying its effects in an area.
  • Spark Surge (Third Ability): Casting this will allow Zeri to dash forward over a short distance and empower her next three attacks. If she dashes into a wall, she will jump over it.
  • Lightning Crash (Ultimate): Casting Zeri's Ultimate will shock nearby enemies with electrical energy and allow her to gain stacks of 'Overcharge' for each champion hit. While she's overcharged, Zeri will gain movement speed, attack speed, and bonus damage. Her attacks will be faster and chain to nearby enemies. This effect can be extended for each additional takedown.

Zeri will be released during patch 4.0b on February 24, 2023.

Wild Rift Patch 4.0 New Champion - Zoe

Zoe Wild Rift webp
Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight, will start some chaos with her abilities in Wild Rift patch 4.0. | © Riot Games

Riot believed the Champion roster needed more mischief, glitter, and world-warping arcane magic, so they've brought in Zoe. She is the perfect pick for the mid-lane or support role. Zoe is a burst mage who is capable of stealing spells, sniping enemies, and causing chaos with her portals.

  • More Sparkles (Passive): After casting a spell, Zoe's next basic attack will deal bonus magic damage
  • Paddle Star! (First Ability): Zoe throws a missile that can be redirected in flight. The farther it travels, the more damage it will deal. When tap casting, the missile will first fly away from your enemy. Recast the ability to send the missile back towards them.
  • Spell Thief (Second Ability): Zoe can steal enemy summoner spells and Enchantments on cast. These will appear on the ground and can also be dropped when your team last hits a minion that's holding a balloon. Zoe can only hold one stolen cast at a time.
  • Sleepy Trouble Bubble (Third Ability): Zoe will launch a bubble at a target. This causes them to fall asleep after a short delay. Attacking them will deal double damage (but up to a certain cap). Pair this ability with the Paddle Star! ability for maximum damage.
  • Portal Jump (Ultimate): Zoe will be able to blink to a new position and then blink back. It has a low cooldown and synergizes well with the Paddle Star! ability.

Zoe will be released during patch 4.0 on January 12, 2023.

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