Wild Rift Patch 4.0: Release Date, Champions, Ranked Season 8, Wild Pass, Game Mode, Skins, More

Patch 4.0 is set to introduce massive new additions and changes to Wild Rift. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Zeri Wild Rift Patch4 0
Patch 4.0 is the latest game update in Wild Rift. | © Riot Games

Patch 4.0, also known as Rising Spark, is the first Wild Rift patch to come in 2023. In it, Riot will be turning its attention to improving core aspects of the game, adjusting the way it's played, and introducing new features to the game. Patch 4.0 will set the tone for what the rest of the year has to offer.

From new Champions, adjustments to the Tank role, improvements to the late game, new skins, and the return of a fan-favorite game mode, 2023 - or at the very least, the first few months of it - will be a very exciting time in Wild Rift.

We've put together everything that patch 4.0 has in store for the game so that you can prime yourself once the update drops.

Wild Rift Patch 4.0 - Release Date

Wild Rift patch 4.0 will be released on January 12, 2023. It's the first major game update of the year so the patch number has changed from 3.0 to 4.0 to reflect the new year.

Wild Rift Patch 4.0 New Champions - Zeri And Zoe

Zeri Zoe Wild Rift Patch4 0
Zeri and Zoe are making their debut in Wild Rift patch 4.0. | © Riot Games

Patch 4.0 will introduce two new champions to Wild Rift: Zeri and Zoe.

Zeri is a marksman champion who is capable of dealing burst damage, moving quickly across the Rift, and swiftly taking down your enemies. She's a perfect pick for the Dragon lane and can even function as a great ADC and late-game carry.

Zoe is a burst mage who is capable of stealing spells, sniping enemies, and distracting opponents with her portals. She's great for the mid-lane and support role. Chain her abilities to deal massive amounts of damage to your opponents.

You can check out each of their respective abilities in the guide below:

Wild Rift Patch 4.0 - Tank Role Improvements

New Tank Improvements Wild Rift
New items and item reworks in patch 4.0. will make the Tank role stronger | © Riot Games

Riot will continue its streak of champion role improvements in patch 4.0. This time, they're targeting Tanks. But unlike adjustments to the core gameplay experience like they did with Junglers, the devs will open the options available to them by introducing new items and item adjustments.

Previously, Ixtali Seejar and Deadman's Plate were the best first picks for Tanks. To develop more diverse Tank playstyles, Dawnshroud has been introduced as a new item to the game. Its passive will damage and reveal nearby enemy champions. This effect will also be triggered if you are immobilized.

Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart will be adjusted in patch 4.0. Randuin's Omen will get a new passive. When you're hit by a critical strike, you'll now gain stacks. Attacking another champion will consume these stacks and heal you based on the damage you took during battle.

Frozen Heart also received a new passive. Basic attacks and spells you cast will apply stacks to your target. These targets will also gain stacks from attacking or hitting your or your allies with spells. Each stack will slow your enemies' attack speed (up to a cap).

Take a closer look at the new items and reworks below:

Wild Rift Patch 4.0 - Late-Game Improvements

Late Game Patch4 0
The late game is going to be more exciting with the new changes in patch 4.0. | © Riot Games

Two improvements will be introduced to patch 4.0 to make the late-game more competitive in Wild Rift. The first of these improvements is 'Respawnable Inhibitors.' Once an inhibitor is destroyed, it can respawn after a short period of time. This means that you won't have to worry about losing one in the early game.

The second of these changes is a new mechanic that will limit 'turtling.' If a game's duration is too long, Towers will begin to burn. They'll take self-damage until they eventually collapse. This mechanic is meant to ensure that a conclusion is reached rather than leaving a game to stretch out beyond the late game.

Check out the full details of these late-game improvements below:

Wild Rift Patch 4.0 - Balance Changes

Wild Riftpatch4 0 New Balance Changes
New balance changes were introduced in patch 4.0. | © Riot Games

No Wild Rift patch would be complete without new balance changes. In patch 4.0, various champions, items, and runes received either a buff, nerf, or adjustment. Here's an overview of the patch 4.0 balance changes:

BuffedCorki, Kai'Sa, Miss Fortune, Renekton, Samira, Shyvana, and SingedCosmic Drive, Inspiration: Pathfinder, Mortal Reminder, and Spirit Visage
NerfedIrelia, Kha'Zix, Lillia, and ShenLord Dominik's Regards
AdjustedCamilleInspiration: Phase Rush and Morellonomicon

You can check out the full details of the patch 4.0 balance changes below:

Wild Rift Patch 4.0 - 'All Random Ultra Rapid Fire' Returns

Game Mode Patch4 0
'All Random Ultra Rapid Fire' is making a comeback to Wild Rift. | © Riot Games

'All Random Ultra Rapid Fire' will be returning to Wild Rift in patch 4.0. The rules of this popular game mode will remain the same. This is a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • Mana and energy costs reduction for champions
  • Minions will spawn faster, have a higher movement speed, and deal more damage
  • Towers will have bonus plates but have their defenses lowered after a shorter period of time.

However, there will be only one difference. The devs will be testing a mechanic called 'Execute Smite.' This Smite won't be an active, but rather, a passive. When you damage a monster and cause its health to fall below Smite's total damage, the spell will automatically trigger - effectively smiting the camp for you. No cooldown will be made for this effect.

Wild Rift Patch 4.0 - New Champion Skins

Mythmaker Camille
Mythmaker Camille is one of the new skins coming in patch 4.0. | © Riot Games

Twelve new skins will be making their way to Wild Rift in the upcoming patch. Here's a quick list of them:

  • Battle Academia Leona
  • Battle Principal Yuumi
  • Firecracker Vayne
  • Mythmaker Caitlyn
  • Mythmaker Caitlyn
  • Mythmaker Gwen
  • Mythmaker Seraphine
  • Mythmaker Zoe
  • Project Lucian
  • Project Master Yi
  • Project Renekton
  • Project Zeri

You can check out all the patch 4.0 skins below:

Wild Rift Patch 4.0 - Ranked Season 8

Crimson Nami Wild Rift
Glorious Crimson Nami is available in ranked Season 8. | © Riot Games

In Ranked Season 8, you’ll be able to earn Glorious Crimson Nami from the Season Rewards tab. You can also get her Weapon Augment Upgrade from the Ranked Store.

On top of this, Riot has created a new immersive layout to the Ranked Mode Select that will celebrate your best champions and their most recent stats. Several improvements were also made to the Ranked Reward Tracker and Ranked Store contents.

Ranked Season 8 will begin on January 16 at 7 pm PST.

Wild Rift Patch 4.0 - Wild Pass

Supervillain Grave Wild Rift
Super Villain Graves is available in the Wild Pass Season 8. | © Riot Games

Super Villain Graves is the reward you will get for reaching the end of Wild Pass Season 8. You will also be able to earn Ascended Super Villain Graves and more in the Bonus Rewards Shop.

The Wild Pass will be available on January 12.

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