Riot Is Making Wild Cores More Expensive In Wild Rift

The prices of Wild Cores will be increasing in Wild Rift. Here's what you need to know about the price changes.

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Wild Cores are getting more expensive in Wild Rift... | © Riot Games

Wild Cores are the premium in-game currency in Wild Rift. You can purchase Wild Cores with real money and use them to obtain champions, skins, and a variety of other in-game content. Over the past few years, they've been immune to any changes - that is, until today. Riot has announced that they will be changing the prices of Wild Cores on November 17 at 9 am PST. This is due to inflation, currency fluctuations, and certain platform adjustments.

If you pay attention to the changes, you'll notice that they will be more expensive than usual. You're paying the same price as before but for a significantly less amount of Wild Cores in total.

Here are the price changes in detail:

Price (USD)Old Total Wild Cores

New Total Wild Cores


You will be able to earn bonus Wild Cores on all purchases from November 1 until prices change on November 17.

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