Players Aren't Happy With The Wild Rift Supreme Cells Event

Riot unveiled a new 'Supreme Cells' event in Wild Rift that many are disappointed with because its seen as a "lame gacha event".

Supreme Cells Wild Rift
Wild Rift players aren't pleased with the new Supreme Cells event. | © Riot Games

With the arrival of the Supreme Cell skins in Wild Rift, Riot will be hosting a special event on November 1 where you'll be able to win three of the four skins available in the skin's line in-game debut.

It sounds like an amazing event, however, players aren't too happy or excited about it as it's heavily dependent on RNG and players spending money to open chests. From how it's structured, many believe it to be a blatant attempt at creating a gacha event.

Players Aren't Happy With The Supreme Cells Event

Supreme Cells Zed Gacha
It's going to be hard to get one of the Supreme Cells skins. | © Riot Games

Besides the Supreme Cells Kennen skin being available as a free login reward, you will be able to get the other skins only if you're lucky and if you've money to spend.

That's when the gacha elements start creeping into the event and result in players getting unhappy. Supreme Cells Sett and Zed will be available in the event but you will only be able to obtain them by purchasing chests (with Wild Cores) from the store.

When each chest is opened, you'll earn one of the following:

  • Tier 2 Random Skin Chest
  • Tier 3 Random Skin Chest
  • Tier 4 Random Skin Chest
  • Supreme Cells Skin Self Selection Chest
  • 400 Poro Coins

Riot promises that there is a guarantee that 1 out of every 10 pulls will always be a skin chest, but that still leaves a lot of chests that you'll need to get before you're bound to get a skin chest. Even then, you're not guaranteed to get a Supreme Cells skin as there are three other skin chests in the pull mix.

Cosmic Event Wild Rift
Players are worried about seeing a repeat of the Cosmic Event... | © Riot Games

The Supreme Cells event's rather gacha-like and luck-based system runs counter to what Riot had stated when they announced Hextech Chests not too long ago. They mentioned that the value of the rewards in chests would exceed the value you paid for. However, that's not the case here.

Many are comparing this Supreme Cells event to other Wild Rift events such as the Asia-exclusive Cosmic event which also required players to purchase randomized rolls to earn event-exclusive skins and accessories.

At the time, Riot justified this gacha system by saying:

We designed it this way because while we think highrolling into your favorite skin can be fun, having multiple paths to get what you want is also important!

Unfortunately this time, many players aren't buying into this event because it's unbelievably dependent on players cashing out for reward odds that are extremely stacked against them.

In response to this event, one player mentioned: "I don't like these gacha events in Wild Rift because it's the only game where I can buy skins without relying on RNG."

Others chimed in by saying "it’s truly sad and pathetic on Riot's part" and that they are "really disappointed to see this upcoming event of Wild Rift."

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