Wild Rift Ranked Season 7: Start/End Date, Legendary Queue Changes, Rewards, More

Ranked Season 7 of Wild Rift is getting closer. Here is everything you need to know, including the start date and rewards.

Glorious Draven
Glorious Crimson Draven is the ultimate reward in Wild Rift Ranked Season 7. | © Riot Games

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a game at its best when it's played competitively, and for most players, that means diving into the game's ranked mode.

The ranked mode is played over seasons, with the game currently in Ranked Season 6. Each season, players attempt to win games, earn ranked points, and hopefully work their way up the ranks. Depending on how well you do, you will unlock in-game rewards like player emblems and champion skins.

Details for Ranked Season 7 have just been revealed along with the patch 3.4a notes, giving us a good idea of what we can expect once it all kicks off.

If you want to learn more, including the start date, all the available rewards, and more, check out our Wild Rift Ranked Season 7 explainer below.

Wild Rift Ranked Season 7 - Start And End Date

Wild Rift Ranked Season 7 will begin on October 13 at 12:01 am UTC. Each season of ranked runs for approximately three months, covering three splits.

The official end date for Season 7 is January 12, coinciding with the release of patch 4.0.

The new season looks very much like Ranked Season 6, except there are a couple of tweaks coming to the recently added legendary queue. We go over those changes in detail below.

Changes To Legendary Queue In Ranked Season 7

The legendary queue is a solo-only queue that sits atop the normal ranked queue. Players will need to reach the rank of diamond in the current season to be able to take part.

Once you reach diamond in the current rank season, you will always have access to the legendary queue in that season, even if you drop out of diamond.

The legendary queue is only available at certain times of the day; you can check out the times in the 3.4a patch notes.

There are a series of rewards available in the legendary queue too, with baubles, recalls, and banners all present. There are also legendary tiers with accompanying rank badges.

Legendary queue 2
Legendary queue offers up new rewards for the very best players. | © Riot Games

Heading into Ranked Season 7, the legendary queue is changing with the introduction of champion mastery.

Essentially, players will have to pick champions they have a certain level of mastery, though the system is being given a certain level of flexibility, meaning you won't be stuck using a champion in a role you are not comfortable with.

The developers have implemented the mastery system with the following features:

  • At launch, the champion score required will be very low (just a few games played).
  • We intend to tune the system but didn’t want to be too restrictive right out of the gate.
  • You’ll always have access to EVERY champion you have enough mastery in, regardless of the role you’re assigned.
  • We’ve implemented protection to ensure players aren’t forced to play off-role picks by the system.
    • If you’re assigned to a role and have less than three champions available to pick who are tagged for that role with enough mastery, the system will stretch.
    • You’ll be allowed to play your highest available mastery champions in that role.
    • This is implemented so if, for example, an ADC main is auto-filled jungle, we want to make sure they wouldn’t be forced to play their awesome MF as a jungle but would instead have something more suitable to play.

Wild Rift Ranked Season 7 - Rewards And Features

Each Ranked Season offers up rewards to unlock. These are split into rewards and features. Rewards are given out at the end of the season. Reach Gold or higher and win at least ten ranked matches in that tier, and you will receive a player emblem displaying the highest rank you achieved in that season.

Rank Emblem
A selection of the rank emblems available at the end of Ranked Season 7. | © Riot Games

Players will retain these rewards after the end of the season, which are unlike features that display your rank progress throughout the season but are taken away at the start of a new Ranked Season.

Continuing in Ranked Season 7 is the Ranked Reward Track. This offers up a Wild Pass-type progression without having to spend any money.

Players earn ranked points (ranked coins) throughout the season and depending on how well you do in a chosen match, you stand to earn more. You can spend these ranked points in the ranked store, which includes this season's Glorious Crimson Draven champion skin.

It should be said your progress through the Ranked Reward Track is not directly tied to your progress up the ladder. So, even if you aren't a competitive warrior, you can still earn rewards through the Ranked Reward Track.

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