Bonnie Has Been Removed From Brawl Stars Over Game-Breaking Bug

Supercell has temporarily removed Bonnie from Brawl Stars after they found that she has a game-breaking bug.

Bonnie Removed
Bonnie has been removed from Brawl Stars because of a game-breaking bug... | © Supercell

If you were playing Brawl Stars recently, you might have noticed that you can't play as Bonnie. Her brawler icon has been greyed out, and a message has been plastered over it saying, "This Brawler is temporarily unavailable." Many players are confused over this and are seeking answers.

Supercell has responded to this by stating that Bonnie has been temporarily disabled from the game as they need to investigate a bug related to her and the new Super Charge Gear.

The bug in question is Bonnie's interaction with the Super Charge Gear - a Gear that can charge your Super 10% faster - which can glitch the game or crash the Brawl Stars app.

Bonnie Will Remain Temporarily Removed Until Bug Is Fixed

Bonnie Fix
Bonnie will be out of service for a while until a fix can be deployed. | © Supercell

Brawl Stars Community Manager Dani has responded to Bonnie's removal in a Reddit thread by saying that the Supercell team is aware of the issue but tells players that they might have to wait sometime before she can return to the game.

He justified the lengthy wait by saying:

We don’t have enough resources to fix it right now... It probably requires maintenance as well.

Besides identifying what causes the bug, the Supercell team will also need to conduct proper testing to ensure that this bug does not occur again. That being said, it's easy to understand why it might take some time before a fix can be deployed to resolve this bug.

The Ghost Station update has been off to a rocky start in Brawl Stars. Swiftly after it was released, the game had to undergo a maintenance fix to resolve bugs about the new Reload Gear and replays. After that, Brawl Stars has to undergo yet another maintenance to fix bugs concerning Club League, chat, Gears, and localization errors. This Bonnie bug is just another addition to this long list of issues that have occurred over the past few days.

Update: Bonnie Has Returned To Brawl Stars

After a brief maintenance break, as expected, Bonnie has returned to Brawl Stars bug-free and ready for all the mayhem the new Gadgets have to bring.

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