Brawl Stars Shelly Pin Set Event: Challenges And Rewards

The Shelly Pin Set event is a new event in Brawl Stars that will reward you with Shelly's Pins if you complete certain challenges.

Shelly Brawl Stars Pin Challenge
The Shelly Pin Set event will be available in Brawl Stars for a limited time. | © Supercell

Shelly is the first brawler all players unlock in Brawl Stars. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean you get to unlock all of her items like Gadgets and cosmetics. Lucky for you, there's a chance for you to get a part of her coveted set in the form of Pins.

A new limited-time event is here in Brawl Stars. Aptly called the Shelly Pin Set event, this event allows you to earn the complete set of Shelly's Pins simply by winning games in the set game modes. Here are all challenges and rewards you can get in this event.

Shelly Pin Set Event - Challenges And Rewards

Shelly Pin Challenges
Here's a look at all the challenges and rewards in this event. | © Supercell

The Shelly Pin Set event will be available in Brawl Stars between December 26 and January 3. This gives you slightly over a week to complete the eight stages within it.

Every stage completed will reward you with a Pin from Shelly's Pin collection set. You will have four Lives to complete this event so if you lose a game four times, you won't be able to participate in this event again. You'll need to win a match in each of the stage's game modes to make it to the next stage.

Let's go over each of the stages, their game modes, the maps you'll play in, and the Pin rewards:

StageGame ModeMapReward(s)
1Snowtel ThievesTwisted Plan

'Sad' Pin


Snake Prairie

'Angry' Pin
3KnockoutEnds Meet 'Laugh' Pin
4HeistG.G. Mortuary

'GG' Pin

5Hot ZoneController Chaos 'Clap' Pin
6HeistKaboom Canyon 'Thanks' Pin
7Gem GrabMinecart Madness 'Phew' Pin
8Snowtel ThievesWalk In Walk Out

Special Pin and 350 Power Points

If you already have any of these Pins, you'll get Coins instead.

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