Brawl Stars: STMN Esports Wins Snapdragon Pro Series NA Challenge Finals

STMN Esports has been crowned the winner of the Snapdragon Pro Series Brawl Stars Season 1 NA Challenge Finals for 2022 after a series of grueling matches.

STMN Esports are your winners for this year! | © ESL / Snapdragon Pro Series

STMN Esports continues to rack up the trophies in the Brawl Stars competitive esports scene! Their latest victory earns them the coveted title of champions of Season 1 of the Snapdragon Pro Series Brawl Stars in NA and the $20,000 USD prize money. This all happened in front of a live audience at PAX West in Seattle, USA.

It must be said that the Mexican outfit was the surprise winner of the tournament. After all, STMN Esports didn't technically qualify to participate in the Challenge Finals as they finished outside of the top four teams during the regular season. Fortunately for them, they were given Vanguard Gaming's spot. The latter, who finished second in the regular season, was disqualified after they could not obtain their US visas in time for the in-person tournament.

Regardless, STMN Esports showed everyone why they deserved to be included as they showcased their excellent team coordination and communication throughout the Challenge Finals. They were a little shaky during the upper bracket semi-finals but won 3-2 against West Coast to proceed to the upper bracket finals against Tribe Gaming NA. This was an easier match for STMN Esports as they won 3-1.

This meant that they made it to the Grand Finals, and the only team standing in their way was, again, Tribe Gaming NA (as they beat West Coast in the lower bracket final). STMN Esports made lightwork of them, however, and cruised to a flawless 3-0 result to win the tournament!

STMN Esports joins two other regional Challenge Final winners: ZETA Division One (Asia-Pacific) and Reply Totem (EU-MENA). These three teams will now focus their efforts on training for the Brawl Stars Championship, which is set to begin in November 2022.

These are the results of all the matches, in chronological order, that took place during the Snapdragon Pro Series Brawl Stars Season 1 NA Challenge Finals:



Upper Bracket Semi-Finals

Triber Gaming NA vs. Chasmac Gaming NA

Upper Bracket Semi-FinalsWest Coast vs. STMN Esports2-3
Lower Bracket Semi-FinalsChasmac Gaming NA vs. West Coast1-3
Upper Bracket FinalTribe Gaming NA vs. STMN Esports1-3
Lower Bracket FinalTribe Gaming NA vs. West Coast3-0
Grand FinalSTMN Esports vs. Tribe Gaming NA3-0

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You can watch all the action back from the Snapdragon Pro Series YouTube channel, with the NA Challenge Finals video embedded below.

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