Willow Has Received An Emergency Buff Before Her Brawl Stars Release

Willow has received an emergency buff right before her expected release to Brawl Stars.

Willow Nerf Brawl Stars
Willow has been buffed before she even landed in Brawl Stars. | © Supercell

In surprise news, the devs have revealed that Willow, the yet-to-be-released brawler, will receive several improvements to her in-game mechanics and abilities.

This makes Willow only the second brawler in Brawl Stars history (behind Lou) to get an emergency buff shortly before her release. She's expected to make her way to the game on April 4.

These buffs affect her abilities across the board. For one, several fixes were deployed to resolve issues surrounding her mind-controlling Super. Besides this, Willow's main attack will now deal damage upon impact and her Super charge is now slightly faster.

It's hard to say how dire Willow's power levels were before this buff as we've never had a chance to play with her. But, we can only imagine that she wasn't competitive enough to survive the meta or play an impactful role in reshaping it.

Either way, we'll be able to answer that question ourselves once Willow is released to Brawl Stars in early April.

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