Supercell Is Working On A New Mobile Game Called 'Rogue'

Supercell is believed to be developing a new mobile game called 'Rogue.'

Rogue Branch Game Supercell
Rogue has been rumored to be one of Supercell's newest mobile games. | © Supercell

A few months ago, Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen wrote a blog post outlining the "next chapter of Supercell." In it, he described the company's mission to create memorable games that as many people as possible would play for years.

One of the key things he mentioned was that five new games are currently in development. We've been given a taste of one of these games, Squad Busters, when it had its closed beta in early February.

But thanks to an interesting source, we might know what their second game would look like. Spanish Brawl Stars content creator, Anikilo, recently made a video where he, for a split second, showed his mobile screen. Unfortunately, that featured an icon for a game known as 'Rogue'.

Now, 'Rogue' could be a game created by any developer in the world. However, many suspect that it is being developed by none other than Supercell as a while ago leaked files showed that they are working on a game codenamed 'Rogue'.

Not much is currently known about the game other than the title and icon. However, Anikilo's leaked phone screen also shows that he has a beta version of the game. This seemingly confirms that a beta test of Rogue could be on its way to the public soon.

The other three new games in development are still unknown, no doubt wrapped under layers of protection from potential leaks like this. But, given what we know so far, it appears that we're in for a future filled with exciting new Supercell titles.

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