Clash Royale February (Season 44) Balance Changes: All Buffs And Nerfs

The buffs and nerfs included in the February (Season 44) balance changes of Clash Royale have been revealed. Here are all the details.

Clash Royale Feb Season44 Banner
The Clash Royale February (Season 44) balance changes are full of buffs and nerfs. | © Supercell

The details of the upcoming balance changes for the February season, also known as Season 44, in Clash Royale have been revealed. Courtesy of RoyaleAPI, we've been given a look at the final version of the update that will arrive once the new season rolls into the game.

Regardless, the February balance changes appear to tick the right boxes and, though mostly minor, do hold the potential to bring back stability to the meta. The buffs and nerfs are a welcome sight for those at the top of the Path of Legends, as they've had it a little rough in January.

Clash Royale February Balance Changes - Card Buffs

Firecracker Clashroyale
Firecracker will be slightly stronger in this new update. | © Supercell

Archers, Firecracker, Goblin Giant, Knight, and Monk were buffed in the February balance changes.

The cards included in this list are somewhat surprising - and not for the wrong reasons. It's a rare upgrade for Archers, Firecrackers, Goblin Giant, and the Knight. Monk has been nerfed to oblivion in previous balance changes, so it's a pleasant change of pace to see him get an upgrade.

Here are the buffs in detail:

  • Attack speed increased by 18%
  • First-hit attack speed increased by 40%
Goblin Giant
  • Spear Goblins attack speed while inside 'Giant Backpack' increased by 12%
  • HP increased by 3%
  • Attack speed increased by 11%

Clash Royale February Balance Changes - Card Nerfs

Phoenix Nerf Jan2023
Phoenix has been nerfed yet again. | © Supercell

Archer Queen, Phoenix, Tornado, and Rocket were nerfed in the February balance changes.

These are all deserved nerfs in the eyes of the Clash Royale community. Archer Queen, Phoenix, and Rocket have dominated the meta lately, so their power needed to be reined in. Besides this, The Log saw its pushback distance reduced.

Here are the nerfs in detail:

Archer Queen
  • First hit attack speed is 200% slower
  • Reborn Phoenix HP reduced by 20%
  • Reborn Phoenix damage reduced by 20%
  • Tower damage reduced from 30% → 25%
The Log
  • Pushback reduced by 30%

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