Clash Royale To Get Ranked Mode Next Week

Clash Royale is getting a new ranked mode called Path of Legends.

Paths of Legends Clash Royale
Path of Legends is a new ranked mode for Clash Royale. | © Supercell

Clash Royale is to get a new ranked mode called 'Paths of Legends' starting next week.

The Path of Legends replaces the unimpressive League system that used to feature on the Trophy Road. The Trophy Road still remains in Clash Royale but has been reworked and will no longer reset at the start of a season.

Path Of Legends: A New Clash Royale Ranked Mode

The Path of Legends will contain 11 Leagues in total, culminating in the Hall of Fame, which features the top 10,000 players in the game.

Clash Royale ranked mode
Players will climb the Leagues and earn rewards. | © Supercell

On the way, there will be stone steps and golden steps; stone steps will break if you lose, sending you back down the ladder, while golden steps will see you keep your position whether you win or lose your next match.

Players will earn a rating from League 5, which measures their performance and determines if they are among the top 10,000 players. Appearing in the Global Leaderboard will be the top 1,000 ranked players.

The end of each ranked season will result in a rank reset, with a win multiplier given to players for the start of the next season, dependent on their rank in the last. The win multiplier will decrease after each battle you win.

Clash Royale rank system
An overview of the Path of Legends rank system. | © Supercell

Players will need to earn 5,000 trophies and be King Level 30 to take part in the Path of Legends.

You will be able to claim rewards the higher you climb the Path of Legends. These rewards can vary from one-time rewards (which will be displayed on the left of the Path) or other season rewards (which will be displayed on the right of the Path) that will be refreshed with each season reset.

The new ranked mode will arrive on October 26 in an update that also features two new cards, a reworked Trophy Road, a new deck explorer, and daily tasks.