COD Mobile Season 10: Weapon Balance Changes (Updated)

A round of weapon balance changes are once again coming to Call of Duty: Mobile in Season 10 (2022). Check out all the buffs and nerfs in our guide.

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Check out all the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 weapon balance changes. | © Activision Blizzard

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 is now out, and it's easily one of the biggest updates of the year.

The developers have introduced the new Crossroads map (to be released later), a new weapon in the shape of the LAPA submachine gun, and three of the world's biggest soccer stars, Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, and Neymar Jr., joining the game.

And like with every new seasonal update, there will also be weapon balance changes, and thanks to the hard-working team behind LeakersOnDuty, we can have the first look at what these Season 10 weapon balance changes will be.

Once you have taken a look at the weapon balance changes below, why not check out our gun tier lists:

COD: Mobile Season 10 - Weapon Balance Changes

Update 15/11:

Alongside the changes listed below, there is a further round of weapon balance changes coming to Season 10. The following changes are expected to go live at some point this week.

They are:


  • Time between bursts reduced from 220ms to 200ms
  • Maximum ADS Bullet Spread increased from 11(3) to 18(3)
  • Maximum hip fire spread increased from 155 (125) to 235 (125)
  • The accuracy adjustments do not apply to the three-round burst.


  • Decreased lunge distance from 3.5m to 2m
  • Lunge distance decreased from 5m to 2.5m


  • Decreased magazine capacity from 5 to 3


The details of the Season 10 weapon balance changes come courtesy of LeakersOnDuty, a team of COD: Mobile leakers who regularly get advance notice of the various buffs and nerfs that are coming to the game.

Set for a buff are the AK-47,the RUS-79u,and Hades, while we also have further confirmation of the new signature attachment for the M16, which LeakersOnDuty claims will be a perk called 'Wild Fire'.

This follows on from a buff the gun received to its damage and burst delay in the Season 9 weapon balance changes.

M16 2
The M16 is set to get a signature attachment in COD: Mobile Season 10. | © Activision Blizzard

In terms of nerfs, the ZRG-20mm sniper rifle will see its power diminished, with its magazine capacity and the power of the anti-vehicle ammo reduced. The ASM10 and QQ9 are also in line for nerfs.

Sniper scopes will also - for the first time - glint when the light catches them. This is effectively a nerf, as players will now receive a visual cue when a sniper is pointed in their direction.

There are also a number of changes to perks and operator skills, with some buffed and some nerfed.

It should be noted details of the Season 10 weapon balance changes are given without specifics, which will arrive when we get the official patch notes from the developers but will still give you an idea of where the COD: Mobile meta is heading in Season 10.


Here are the expected buffs heading into Season 10.


  • New signature attachment 'Wild Fire perk': changes the M16 firing mode to full auto


  • Improved the recoil of the first few shots
  • Improve sprint-to-fire speed


  • Improved range
  • Improved ADS accuracy


  • Improved sprint-to-fire speed
  • Improved reload speed
    • Rapid fire barrel
      • Decreased range penalties

CBR, DL-Q33, Locus, Koshka, Outlaw & J358

  • Improved overall recoil

PP19 Bizon

  • Adjusted damage
  • Improved chest multiplier
  • Added lower/upper hand multipliers
  • Adjusted range

H.I.V.E (MP operator skill)

  • Trap duration will remain even if the player dies
  • Increased damage

Bull Charge (MP operator skill)

  • Bull Charge will still be in use even if the player hits an object other than enemy players
  • Increased damage area

Ballistic Shield (MP operator skill)

  • Able to stand against explosions

Equalizer (MP operator skill)

  • Increased damage
  • Increased movement speed
  • Increased shooting duration

Gravity Vortex (MP operator skill)

  • No longer affects the user

Overclock (MP perk)

  • Increased the operator skills recharge speed boost

Tactical Mask (MP perk)

  • Increased reduction of enemy tactical equipment affects the duration


And now for the nerfs.


  • Magazine capacity reduced
  • Anti-vehicle ammo
    • Added ADS speed penalties
    • Added reload speed penalties


  • Branson
    • Added negative leg multiplier
    • Range boost removed
    • Increased ADS movement speed penalties
    • Added movement speed penalties


  • Reduced damage
  • Monolithic suppressor
    • Reduced range boost
  • 45 Round Mag
    • Added ADS speed penalties

Switchblade X9

  • Decreased damage and range
  • Decreased bullet spread accuracy


  • Added scope glint to the sniper scopes

Purifier (MP operator skill)

  • Usage duration reduced

Reactor Core (MP operator skill)

  • Reduced radiation damage

Quickfix (MP perks)

  • When Quickfix is triggered, HP will start recovering but at a slower rate than normal

Jackal (BR vehicle)

  • Reduced HP

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